Types of Online Fraud

Online Frauds are scams and cons conducted virtually, through the internet or computers and networks.

Types of Online Fraud


Online Frauds are scams and cons conducted virtually, through the internet or computers and networks. These frauds generally result in financial loss or theft of personal information and identity. In today’s world, there are several types of online fraud.

  • Online intellectual property theft: Any material you have created online could be only sold by you. But copying your work and publishing a duplicate version is stealing your intellectual right on your creation.
  • Phishing: This is the illegal way of attaining your passwords, credit card number, or OTP via email or website requests.
  • Pagejacking: Stealing a part of any real website and using it in any fake website, is pagejacking. Your actual website could be stolen in this way and it may portray unwanted and offensive materials.
  • Work from home Scam: Many schemes provide you to make money by work from home. But the organizers may tell you to pay an advance fee or sign up for some program, and after getting your money, they will cut all contacts.
  • Click Fraud: In pay-per-click adverts, a company’s link may be clicked multiple times by automated computer programs, thus fetching more money from the company in an unjust way.
  • Fraudulent pop-up window: Sudden windows or ads may pop-up under the window you are viewing, and if you click on this, it may result in theft of certain personal information.
  • Dating Fraud: In any online dating website or app, anyone can use a fake profile to obtain your identity or money.
  • Domain Name Scams: Sudden offers may be presented in front of you providing you your own website. Either this website is a fake one or you may be charged a much higher amount.
  • Charity donation fraud: Many times, official-looking websites are made or fake official emails are sent requesting you to donate money for a charity. This organization can be totally fraud and your money will not be donated to any charity.
  • Identity Hacking: When fraudsters hack your account and get access to your name, date of birth, PAN number, Credit card details, or bank details, then they basically steal your identity and withdraw money or buy items in your name.
  • Wire transfer fund: In the age of transferring money online, it may happen that your money is stolen by a third party while you are transferring your money.

These are some of the most popular ways to cheat you online. With the progressing and developing society, more and more ways of online fraud are innovated. Thus, one should be cautious and aware of the online frauds going on.

"Types of Online Fraud"


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