Tips from the Founder of Er. S. Mishra Classes on How to Do Well on the Physics Board Exams

Everything has a purpose in this universe, and physics is the driving force behind everything. The study of physics equips students with the analytical tools they need to make precise sense of the world around them.

Tips from the Founder of Er. S. Mishra Classes on How to Do Well on the Physics Board Exams

Students who are studying for board examinations and candidates who are studying for competitive examinations frequently report that the topic is difficult. The ability to solve problems posed by such examinations calls for problem-solving abilities, in addition to the appropriate approach and appropriate coaching at various stages of preparation.

Er. S. Mishra Classes is a prestigious educational establishment located in Nayatola, Patna. Its mission is to motivate students to achieve academic success on standardised tests and achieve a high ranking in national engineering and medical entrance examinations by simplifying and streamlining the learning of physics. Er. S. Mishra, a Civil Engineer scholar with a B.Sc (Engg) degree and a first class degree from BIT Sindri, established the institute in the year 2007, with the intention of sending at least one student to the IIT Campus every year from each block of Bihar and Jharkhand. He achieved this goal by establishing the institute. Under his direction, high school students have been able to achieve a high ranking in the national level entrance examinations of the IIT-JEE and NEET thanks to his hands-on, practical approach to teaching as well as his years of experience in the field.

In India, board examinations are regarded as very significant events. Based on his extensive experience and the fact that he has successfully trained more than 15,000 students up to this point, Er. S. Mishra provides students with some essential strategies and pointers that can help them do well on upcoming board examinations. In light of the extensive content included in the Physics curriculum, he encourages students to implement well-structured study routines and split the chapters and their respective derivations in a strategic manner.

In addition to this, he encourages students to concentrate their efforts on the subjects that will carry the most weight in the final grade and to make certain that their numerical-part practise is rock solid. In addition to providing the answers in a neat handwriting, he recommends that students accompany their answers with illustrations wherever possible. He says this always works in the student's favour. In addition, Er. S. Mishra assists students who are going to take board examinations develop the ability to manage their time effectively through the sessions that he teaches by ensuring that they grasp the format of the question paper and guiding them through the process in a methodical manner.

In addition to this, Er. S. Mishra has specifically designed a Test series for students who would be appearing for board examinations. This is a reflection of the unparalleled teaching quality and passion that he possesses. He uses a student-centered approach that includes Test Series, Doubt Clearing, and Small Batch Sizes. In this method, he ensures that each student receives individualised attention by employing a variety of instructional strategies that simplify difficult physics concepts and make them more accessible to learners.

As a firm believer in adding value to society through the process of assisting students in memorization of concepts through practical comprehension rather than memorization of rote information, he assures results at the most cost-effective price possible. In addition, Er. S. Mishra's extensive expertise in the field of higher education led him to construct the complete course material all by himself. This allowed him to place an emphasis on the learning of concepts as well as their application in any given circumstance.

After he saw how much trouble students were having with numbers, he decided to start a crash course that would especially focus on removing students' uncertainties around the mathematics portion of the board examinations. In addition, according to Er. S. Mishra, working through practise exams before taking official exams provides a good idea of how to approach application-based questions and extensive numerical problems.

Er. S. Mishra, in addition to instructing students, is the author of Practice Problems in Physics, which was published by TMH. He also takes pleasure in honing his abilities in the areas of editing, curriculum development, public speaking, social media, and management. He provides students with a variety of courses, including Foundation Course (2 years), Target Course (1 years), and Crash Course (1 to 3 months) in ONLINE/OFFLINE mode for JEE and NEET, PHYSICS for XI and XII, and in addition, he holds doubt clearing sessions on a regular basis in order to track the progress of each individual student.

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