From an employee to the founder of an EdTech company, my enthusiasm has driven me to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure.

Madhu Bandi is a writer and businessman. In 2022, he founded the Positive techno services company. Follow your ardour and exert yourself for it. If you work diligently and pursue your passion, you will accomplish incredible feats and discover new things along the way.

From an employee to the founder of an EdTech company, my enthusiasm has driven me to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure.

When I worked for a company, my responsibilities were constrained; however, after I went into business for myself and began pursuing my interests in writing, podcasting, and blogging, I found that my job took on a more exciting and fruitful direction. There are no limitations that can prevent you from accomplishing anything in life. It is inevitable that the process of founding a new business or expanding an existing one will be fraught with challenges and arduous, but the onus is on us to devise answers to these problems so that we can go forward successfully.

"Throughout your life, you will encounter numerous obstacles, but it is your obligation to figure out ways to overcome them."

For almost six years, Madhu was employed as a professional software employee at a variety of companies, including Accenture, HCL, and Dell, among others. He had experience working in a range of disciplines, such as development, marketing, and operations, so he was accustomed to working in a variety of different types of workplaces.

As a result of the fact that he was more interested in participating in the start-up ecosystem than in working for MNC corporations.

In 2018, he developed an online learning platform that goes by the name Its primary mission is to develop skill-building courses. However, because of a lack of financial and business expertise, it was unable to progress any further. However, he was able to learn from his mistakes and make a comeback in the year 2022. But he is coming back much more powerful than before. Now, not only has he developed an online platform for education, but his company has also been recognised by Start-up India.

Edigitalcourses is an online platform for e-learning that aims to give young people more agency by assisting them with a variety of professional training programmes. which also includes technical and non-technical courses such as design and marketing, which will not only help them advance in their careers but will also allow them to work on individual freelancing projects and start their own businesses or freelancing opportunities without having to rely on their regular full-time jobs.

Our new venture is an e-learning platform with the mission of making educational and professional development content accessible to all students at prices that are within their financial means.


He also continues to follow his passion and publishing his book titled "Positive Quotes of Life" which was released on Amazon as a kindle edition. Additionally,developed the websites and, which promotes positive thinking content through audible articles and podcasts.

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Believe in yourself and your ideas -Madhu Bandi.

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