To Succeed in Business, Creative Entrepreneurs Require Strategies and Systems

Passion is the starting point for any new venture, but unfortunately, it isn’t enough, and it doesn’t guarantee business success. For passion to succeed, it needs structure- specifically Systems and Strategies, says Ssidarth Kapur, Founder - Creative CEO.

To Succeed in Business, Creative Entrepreneurs Require Strategies and Systems
Ssidarth Kapur, who has worked in a variety of companies spanning different continents, including Australia, Europe, and Asia, has observed that the majority of creative entrepreneurs are self-taught and have not obtained a conventional degree in business. During their conversations with him, creative business owners disclosed that their companies had reached a plateau and were unable to go further after they had achieved early success to varied degrees.They got preoccupied with the day-to-day firefighting that consisted of something or other going wrong and needing their attention at all times. Because it became difficult to provide service to existing clients, new consumers were met with anxiety rather than contentment when they signed up for the company's offerings. Employees consistently failed to submit their work on time, committed obvious errors, demanded raises, and quit without providing the required amount of notice. Promoters had the impression that the company was a training school because all they did was seek diligently for new workers and teach them, only to have those people quit the company a few months later. As a result of late payments from customers and persistent efforts to collect overdue invoices from suppliers, cash flow was constrained.
Some people tried to solve these obstacles by furthering their education, but they quickly discovered that the majority of business books and courses were filled with academic jargon and were intended for people who had already completed their degrees in accounting and management. Instead of understanding how to resolve the challenges plaguing their company, they were even more perplexed and began to believe that running a business was an inherently difficult and hopeless endeavour.Other business owners attempted to outsource the process of learning and carrying out their plans by employing coaches and consultants; however, this resulted in an unpleasant experience due to the fact that the majority of coaches were extremely young and had very little experience in the real world. In addition, they were unable to locate any specialised advisors who focused on creative firms, understood the unique issues that they faced, and could help streamline their company operations for them.
Creative CEO was established with the primary goal of simplifying business execution and education for creative entrepreneurs who are passionate, and brilliant at their craft, but who currently lack the skills, knowledge, and discipline to turn their expertise into a consistent income stream or a viable business. Taking note of the fact that this was a global problem for business owners, Creative CEO was established with the primary purpose of addressing this issue.
Ssidarth Kapur, the company's creator, is quoted as saying, "I believe that anyone can be a successful businessperson with the right guidance and the necessary action." He continues by saying, "We understand the unique requirements and difficulties faced by businesses in the creative industries, and we are passionate about assisting them in achieving success." Our mission is to support creative entrepreneurs in concentrating on their areas of expertise while we assist them in managing the business aspects of their enterprises.
Creative CEO has a proven track record of achievement, and the company's staff has assisted a large number of businesses in achieving their goals of increasing profitability, decreasing expenses, acquiring new high-paying customers, constructing reliable income streams, and achieving long-term success.According to Ssidarth Kapur, "Our customers put their faith in us to assist them in navigating the complexities of operating a business, and we treat that responsibility with the utmost seriousness." We are thrilled to be able to make this service available to creative company owners who are interested in expanding their operations to the next level.
Entrepreneurs have the option of enlisting the services of the Creative CEO to expedite the achievement of their company goals in a number of different ways, depending on the nature, size, and development stage of their companies. Ssidarth Kapur is the preferred candidate to take over as a fractional (or part-time) CEO of their brand by medium-sized enterprises that have solid cashflows and desire to expand.Smaller firms and those with a relatively lower level of expertise often choose the consulting model, in which Creative CEO assists you in overcoming the most significant obstacles to your success and/or in achieving the goals that have been established for your organisation. He continues to be engaged by a number of firms in the capacity of business mentor and trusted adviser, with the goals of vetting crucial business choices and assisting in the development of new company concepts. By working directly with him in this manner, students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and benefit from his more than 21 years of expertise in international business and risk management.
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Regarding Mr. Ssidarth Kapur
Ssidharth Kapur is a strategic thinker who focuses on achieving results. He has strong analytical, problem-solving, and creative questioning abilities. A former corporate executive turned entrepreneur, he was the Chief Executive Officer of a worldwide Business Risk Consulting firm and a Co-Founder of a digital start-up that assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in better managing their business receivables. He also had many other business interests in Australia, India, and the United Kingdom.
He has worked professionally in 33 different countries, spanning industries such as luxury goods, apparel, the arts, wellness, skincare, hospitality, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG).He has worked with a number of well-known celebrity clients and well-known national and international businesses, including Victoria's Secret, Van Laack, Bath & Body Works, Klove Studio, Janvi, Dulce Celia, and The Materialist, to mention a few. He has also counselled these clients and completed tasks for them.
Throughout Australia and India, he has worked as a teacher, lecturer, and guest speaker at prestigious universities and business schools. Some of these institutions include Kaplan Business School, La Trobe University, RMIT University, and Fore School of Management.
Your company will become unstuck with the aid of the Creative CEO team, who will assist you with everything from generating sales to managing operations to hiring and managing workers, and most crucially, making sure that you have a positive cash flow and are profitable.
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