Future-Oriented Courses for a Lifetime of Education | The Life Engineering Foundation.

Unschooling, also known as homeschooling, is a nontraditional educational strategy that places the focus squarely on the individual kid and paves the way for a more realistic and relevant education. The ability to learn at one's own pace and the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios have made this method a popular one among today's parents.

Future-Oriented Courses for a Lifetime of Education | The Life Engineering Foundation.

The Life Engineering Foundation is one such platform that is based in India. It was officially established by Shraddha and Sandeep Pingale with the intention of providing futuristic educational courses that are aligned with the concepts of sustainability for a more holistic and lifelong learning experience.

The mission of the Foundation is to cultivate a group of parents who are of the opinion that the standard educational system's strategy of providing instruction that is universally applicable cannot be depended upon. Its purpose is to bring together parents who are ready to assume control of their child's education and investigate an open learning platform that is not constrained by a predetermined curriculum or conclusion.

Shraddha and Sandeep Pingale, the company's founders, are both businesspeople by trade. While recruiting students for their company, they noticed that there was a shortage of creative thinking among the applicants. They came to the conclusion that this was due to the country's antiquated educational system. After being forced to return to India from Dubai in 2010 due to the recession, the couple started their entrepreneurial career in India by founding Econstruct Design and Build Pvt Ltd., an engineering consultancy and construction company with its headquarters in Bangalore.

They travelled to numerous engineering institutions across the country for placement drives, and over the course of time, they noticed that the students studying civil engineering lacked both technical competence and clarity. They also lacked effective communication skills, which in turn negatively impacted their levels of self-confidence. The grads lacked even the tiniest bit of creative thinking and demanded to be given unambiguous directions that specifically outlined what had to be accomplished. Because of the way the system worked, they lacked the ability to think creatively or critically.

She came to the conclusion that even after graduating from college after spending so many years and so many hours on their education, many recent grads are unable to find work in their field. The majority of the time, they have to fight their way into core placements and ultimately wind up having to work toward additional international degrees or make arrangements for private certificate courses in order to break into the job market. After going through this procedure, by the time an individual is able to determine his or her place in the employment market, the individual is already beyond thirty years old.

Because of all of these experiences, Shraddha and Sandeep came to the conclusion that the conventional education system wastes an excessive amount of time and that it is not worth the stress that a parent goes through for the child's education in order to teach him or her in one skill that will help them earn a basic meal. A creature like a shark is able to accomplish it much more effectively and only takes a few days after birth! It was obvious that humans were not living up to their full potential, and one of the most significant barriers was the educational system.

Shraddha made a number of important observations, one of which was that the fixed curriculum, timetable, and evaluation format were impeding the learning process and stunting the growth of the students. This was occurring because the students were missing out on important life skills that are necessary for living.

After coming up empty-handed in her search for better educational opportunities for her children, Shraddha ultimately made the decision to homeschool her eldest child after the fourth grade since she felt it was her job to provide him with an education. She went on to found The Life Engineering Foundation, which is geared toward helping parents give their children a chance for learning that is both joyful and significant. Because of this, the Life Engineering Foundation was founded to serve as an institution that is perfect for home schooling, unschooling, open schooling, and free schooling for the children of parents who believe in the value of self-directed education. This foundation does not seek to join the rat race; rather, its mission is to assist individuals in constructing lives that are joyful and tranquil by redefining the role of one's work as something that contributes to life rather than the raison d'être of life. A significant amount of progress can be made in one's life by focussing on the development of skills such as self-care (of both the body and the mind), developing good eating habits, practising Panchkarma, naturopathy, yoga, organic farming, and so on. This is something that is frequently overlooked, and the Life Engineering Foundation works to fill that gap. Obtaining general skills such as repairing a tap, installing a fan or lights, repairing a cycle, bike, or car, basic hardware and software, networking, and having knowledge about insurance, financial management, and legal aspects, among other things, prepares an individual to face the challenges of everyday life and develops their capacity for independence.

The Life Engineering Foundation also places an emphasis on sustainability, which entails working toward the goals of achieving peace, prosperity, and well-being for people, the planet, and humanity. Along with teaching time management, organising, and decluttering skills, it also teaches critical soft skills such as relationship management and how to manage interpersonal dynamics.

In addition to this, the foundation educates individuals on topics like as heritage and culture, methods of self-defense, business communication and corporate etiquette, and assists aspiring teenage businesspeople by providing them with practical experience and internships. In addition, it helps students in the process of obtaining their 10th and 12th grade diplomas from open boards such as NIOS and IB by ensuring that they receive the necessary tuitions.

At the Foundation, we adhere to the philosophy that the journey of education never comes to an end. The Life Engineering Foundation aspires to be a setting in which learning happens organically by providing a combination of instructional materials that draw from both ancient knowledge and cutting-edge technologies, an environment that is conducive to learning by combining freedom and the appropriate stimuli for learning, and facilitators who combine compassion and enthusiasm in the process of guiding their students.

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