Wallet Adda is a rapidly expanding brand that has maintained its position as an industry leader in the realm of personalised wallets, hampers, and personalised gifting domain

Walletadda, a zero-investment start-up founded in Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] in 2020, sells a wide range of customised products and services. As a result of its rising profile, even long-established companies producing bespoke leather goods are taking notice.

Wallet Adda is a rapidly expanding brand that has maintained its position as an industry leader in the realm of personalised wallets, hampers, and personalised gifting domain

It was never an easy effort, according to Poornima Chaudhary, the founder of walletadda. She believes that scaling the start-up business in an organised retail industry in the giving products sector was never a simple task. She began by engaging in reselling, and today she has established her brand in the personalised gifts industry. The initial onslaught of covid and lockdown really afforded a significant amount of time for directing one's thoughts onto a certain field. The key to success was not simply having an awareness of the specialty, but also having the ability to master the work in an elegant and methodical manner.

The organisation stopped dealing in any other kinds of items and instead concentrated solely on supplying individualised leather goods. They began with just 5 products, and today they make more than 100 different things. The company has grown consistently, as evidenced by the fact that it now has 2,000 followers on Instagram and daily traffic of 500 unique users to its website.

It started out as a business that would only meet the needs of people in the entrepreneur's immediate circle of friends, family, and acquaintances; nevertheless, it has since grown to serve more than 27000 pin codes across the country.

Buyers have a tremendous amount of respect for Walletadda as a result of its exceptional customer service, which includes timely communication as well as rapid delivery. They use air fleets for the delivery of 95% of their products. Even under the most severe shutdown conditions, walletadda was able to continue running its business without experiencing even a single day of outage. Their dedication to the satisfaction of their clients has been a driving force behind their success. When it comes to reviews and how customers have responded to this company, their customers have given them high ratings, and two phrases that are consistent in their reviews are "Best quality at lowest prices in the market" and "Consistent Service." Both of these phrases describe how their clients feel this company serves them.

Walletadda offers help via WhatsApp for 18 hours each day, whilst other companies in the market have ceased even offering support via email and chat due to a lack of available staff.

Every company that deals in gifts has trouble dealing with the issue of trust when it comes to making prepaid payments to a new name in the market, especially in light of the current unpredictability of the environment. It was encouraging to learn from walletadda that they have been able to maintain their business with 100% prepaid purchases and that they have made a genuine effort to live up to the faith and trust that their consumers have placed in them.

When it comes to the company's operations, walletadda is regarded as one of the top 25 manufacturers in the country that participate in the organised production of individualised leather goods and holds a position in that top 25. Their selection of products encompasses a wide variety of travel necessities, such as pouches, wallets, sling bags, passport holders, temperature bottles, and much more. The policy of the company is to sell directly to clients while also providing end-to-end logistics and support for those sales. Walletadda ensures that all of its customers are kept up to know with the status of their orders at every stage, from packaging to shipping to transit to delivery. They have their own end-to-end technology integration that may notify clients via as well as SMS and WhatsApp. They are set apart from the other competitors in the market, who cut off communication with customers once they have placed their orders, as a result of this.

The fact that walletadda introduces brand-new items once every three months is a particularly intriguing aspect of the company that ensures its clients will continue to return for more. Their clients will always have something exciting to look forward to on the first of each month. The team responsible for product design is continuously soliciting feedback from customers in order to develop new items and incorporate the customers' preferences and tastes into the final product.

The fact that the business has been able to satisfy more than 10,000 clients in only the past year is a very encouraging sign for the company's prospects in the years to come.

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