Devyansh Misra: The Rising Star Entrepreneur with A Social Agenda

“Success is not an overnight journey; rather, it is navigating a long and bumpy road fraught with challenges,” opines Devansh Misra, the young entrepreneur who recently won the 30-Under-30 Visionary Leaders award from Business Mints as a Social Impact Innovator. His maiden venture, WISHTOWN, started in 2022 transformed into a journey that went beyond conventional entrepreneurship. Devyansh strategically secured a Pan India distributorship with ALIMCO, facilitating participation in government tenders for essential products like motorized tricycles, wheelchairs, and artificial limbs. This move not only showcased his business acumen but also highlighted his commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Devyansh Misra: The Rising Star Entrepreneur with A Social Agenda

Under the WISHTOWN banner, Devyansh diversified his ventures, retailing sanitizers and PPE
kits and engaging in collaborative B2B initiatives. The result was a series of successfully
monetized ventures that demonstrated his versatility and ability to navigate diverse business

In just three years, Devyansh transformed WISHTOWN into a robust business structure,
achieving a remarkable five-crore turnover. What's even more impressive is the 35% bottom line he secured, all while maintaining almost zero employment costs. This financial success is a testament to his strategic vision, effective management, and unwavering dedication to turning
innovative ideas into profitable ventures. His exceptional efforts were recognized by Glaze
Iconic Awards for their 30 Under 30 for the Best Promising Emerging Entrepreneur for his
work at Wishtown.

Devyansh’s Social Endeavors:
Devyansh Misra's commitment to social impact extends beyond business success. In 2018, he
played a pivotal role in a Guinness World Records event, testing and fitting 4,840 patients with
hearing aids in just eight hours in Pune, India, with the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This
experience fueled his dedication to addressing hearing challenges, leading him to contribute to
the Swaroop Charitable Foundation from 2022 onwards.

The Swaroop Charitable Foundation, founded in 2022, focuses on assisting the underprivileged facing hearing issues. Devyansh actively contributes as a torch-bearer, supporting the foundation's mission of conducting primary hearing screenings, infection screenings, and large-scale hearing aid fittings. Through various camps, the foundation tests, treats, and fits beneficiaries while optimizing funds through various NGOs and political organizations. With a well-organized database of over 120,000 recipients, they also provide crucial counseling and follow-up services to ensure the continued well-being of those they assist. Devyansh's involvement in such impactful initiatives underscores his holistic approach to creating positive change in society. Speaking of which, the Brand Icon Award recognized him as the Best Social Worker for his ground-breaking work at the Sarwoop Charitable Foundation!

Devyansh Misra skillfully combines his entrepreneurial skills with the social cause he has been
championing since his teenage. While achieving impressive financial milestones, he actively
contributes to social causes, particularly addressing hearing challenges. Devyansh's
involvement in initiatives like the Guinness World Records event and his role at the Swaroop
Charitable Foundation exemplify his commitment to making a positive impact beyond profits. His approach serves as an inspiring example for budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing the
importance of using business for societal good.

To sum up, 2023 has been an exceptionally rewarding year for Devyansh, winning three
back-to-back prestigious awards on a national platform.
“I hope this recognition will help me reach out to more people, be heard, and spread awareness about the social challenges while serving as an impetus to work harder,” feels the young talent.Way to go Devyansh!

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