Providers of the Finest High-End Speakers and Amplifiers in the World - Eight Audio International Pvt. Ltd.

As a universal language, everyone understands music. In this regard, selecting the proper audio equipment is crucial for enhancing the overall musical experience of the listener. Consequently, it is necessary to locate a pair of speakers that can give the required sound quality while also allowing one to appreciate the finer details.

Providers of the Finest High-End Speakers and Amplifiers in the World - Eight Audio International Pvt. Ltd.

Eight Audio International Pvt. Ltd. is a company that has introduced the Indian mass market to the finest high-end speakers for stereo and home theatres with a contemporary product range that marries the technological nuances and the design skills of SB Acoustics. Eight Audio International Pvt. Ltd. is based in Hyderabad, Telangana, and was established in 2004. (Denmark). Manufacturing electronics and speakers is one of its specialties, and the company offers a wide variety of products, such as OEM speakers, crossover inductors, home automation, audio electronics design and assembly, speaker driver supply, supply chain solutions, and more.

Vanga Shravanth Reddy, an entrepreneur and sound engineer who is currently 26 years old and resides in Hyderabad, Telangana and who founded his firm in 2012, is the one who came up with the idea for the company. His devotion to and enthusiasm for music served as the impetus for him to work on his concept, and he eventually turned it into a successful full-time business.

Vanga Shravanth Reddy earned his bachelor of technology degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) from Brilliant College of Engineering in Hyderabad. He also has a certification in sound engineering from Patsav Academy in Hyderabad. Both institutions are located in Hyderabad. When he was 16 years old, he began his career in this industry because he was unsatisfied with the sound quality of the speakers and home-theatre systems that were available on the market. As a result, he began making his own speakers and amplifiers at home. This led to the beginning of his profession.

In the end, disassembling and tinkering about with speakers from such a young age gave birth to Eight Audio speakers and resulted in the production of the highest quality high-end speakers that are currently on the market in India. The speakers are constructed and customised according to the requirements and preferences of the customers, and they are offered in a wide variety of colours, forms, sizes, and levels of sound intensity.

Because of Shravanth's extensive knowledge, his organisation is able to maintain a large dealer network and a five-star rating as a seller on eBay. His clientele consists primarily of DJs, music professors, members of musical bands, and proprietors of music theatres who order bespoke speakers to meet their specific requirements. The business has been operating in this industry for ten years and has established a trustworthy reputation thanks to the use of high-quality components and parts that are either produced in their own factory or purchased from a trustworthy provider. In addition, Eight Audio backs all of its speakers and automation with a warranty that is valid for five years. This warranty covers issues with the operation, functionality, and finish of the product.

The company handles all components, including research and development, production, quality control at the end of the process, large-scale storage, and transportation, all under one roof. Additionally, the company has a specialised team to handle any questions or concerns that customers may have. It includes cutting-edge cinematic sound, courtesy of its Pearl series loudspeakers, which offer an ideal compromise between cost and output. The series has been designed using a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos configuration, and its output is guaranteed to be superb.

In addition to this, Eight Audio has introduced the brand-new Agate F26 floor standing speakers as well as the Pearl series, both of which are designed to deliver the most satisfying experience possible in terms of home theatre and stereo speaker performance from an audio system. Its design is well-structured, and as a result, it is capable of producing powerful sound without the use of the cumbersome, huge big box speakers that were traditionally employed.

Vanga Shravanth Reddy has high hopes for the future of his company and is constantly working with his staff to give customers the best possible experience in terms of sound quality and to excel in areas such as dynamics, musicality, bass response, and power handling capabilities. He also hopes to broaden the scope of his business in the near future.

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