Amit Tiwari- A backbencher who turned CEO and founder of InnoSewa

InnoSewa offers complete digital services to its clients. They can handle all sizes of IT operations, including servers, internal networks, or emails. The company is based in Gurugram and has a moderate client base.

Amit Tiwari- A backbencher who turned CEO and founder of InnoSewa

The utilization of social media in India, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic has increased tremendously, which resulted in increased use of digital platforms by companies to promote their businesses with the target audience. Indian entrepreneurs are rapidly emerging in their branding games via digitalization and enabling their online presence. Digital services are there to help enterprises that embrace the digitalization of their key business functions and achieve their goals.

Many companies provide digital services for their clients, but still, there is a lack of platforms that could offer all-in-one solutions. Being alumni from Nagpur University and an ex. Technical Head of Think Inc., Amit had realized this problem very closely. While working there, he noticed that the company's IT vendors were not keeping their promises. Finding a knowledgeable and reliable IT staff was hectic and expensive. This technical skill gap motivated him to start a company in IT which primarily focuses on client satisfaction. 

As every great idea ever emerged has a great journey behind it, Amit’s story started when he was pursuing B.E in IT from BDCE Nagpur University. He was just a backbencher who loved to spend time in program execution on systems instead of attending lectures. He had a habit of self-learning new ideas and using them to expand his knowledge. He was also a certified ethical hacker with a deep understanding of systems and the logical flow of data.

Back then, even with his exceptional knowledge, there was no security for his future career. He couldn't take part in campus placement due to a low score in the 12th Board Exams. Many companies which were providing placement in his college had eligibility criteria of a minimum of 60% in 10th and 12th. He later shifted back to Delhi after completing college in 2012. He was back in his old room at his parents' home with shattered hopes and no job in hand. However, those days of misery didn’t last long as he got recommended by one of his professional friends, Mr.DevenderMadan, to Think Inc. He had completed an internship under him previously. Being familiar with Amit’s technical knowledge, he took a chance. Amit worked as Technical Head in Think Inc. for five years, from 2012 to 2017 but had bigger dreams in his head. 

Amit Tiwari’s startup story was a typical one. Everyone he knew was stunned to know that he wants to quit his stable high earning job including his newly wedded wife, parents, and friends. Since he was just married at that time, they advised him not to leave a stable mode of income. They called him crazy for taking such a risky path, but he knew that if it’s still in his mind after criticism, then it’s worth taking the risk. 

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As people say, one can never hide true dedication for long. Hence, when Amit’s father and wife saw that intense passion and dedication in his eyes, they fully supported his dream. Amit’s father gave him a sum of 3000 rupees as Shagun to start his own company. He gives the credit of this success to his loved ones, “I could never have reached this far without their support”, says Amit. This IT journey began in Sept. 2017 from New Delhi and was named “InnoSewa”.

With proper support and love, no height is hard to reach. He had his wife stood hand in hand throughout the struggle and even continued to work throughout pregnancy to support his idea. The greatest milestone on their journey was when he got his first client, People Sculptors, from Gurugram within a month of starting, and just like that, InnoSewa became a brand. His perseverance and sleepless nights resulted in this remarkable work and gave a new light to his career. 

Due to his knowledge in the IT field, he was always eager to learn new technologies, he leaped faith and founded a company where high-tech digital services are offered at affordable rates and on time. Currently, they have a moderate client base consisting of clients who trust the team of InnoSewa completely. They even gave them complete control over the IT infra; in fact, they manage their official mails and servers too.

Amit Tiwari- A backbencher who turned CEO and founder of InnoSewa

InnoSewa offers complete digital services to its clients. They can handle all sizes of IT operations, including servers, internal networks, or emails. All their clients, whether they are individuals or a company, don't need to depend on different service providers. They also offer high in-demand services such as digital marketing, web development, social media marketing, and many more.

They recognize their competition in the market, as now IT space is swamped with many different services that finding your place here is very hard. Especially after COVID-19, everyone is moving in this field, but InnoSewa is one of its kind. As most companies are launching their IT products which they are asking people to buy, this company is not selling anything. They are simply providing the best in class, and their simple approach sets them apart from the rest. 

Amit says wrong decisions can double the experience, and correct decisions can double your confidence…So do not worry in either case... This makes their clients assured that their company is in good hands.

Amit offers a one-stop solution for digital transformation, automation, SEO, SMO, and digital branding. He and his team are here to ease their client's stress so they can focus on growing their business. They can now focus on further digitization process of their brand rather than wasting their time on finding different IT service providers. Their unique feature is that they offer everything that their clients ever require to grow online. 

Another amazing fact about their business is that they haven't raised funding yet. It's all Amit’s savings and intense budgeting skills that got him here today. InnoSewa has a very cooperative environment, they understand the problems of their employees. The company has a record of not firing anyone till this day from starting, they seek to offer job security to all their employees. The company’s policy clearly states that they won't fire anyone unless it's a big mistake. InnoSewa is a family which helps each other to grow, not a corporate organization where people are exploited and performance only matters.

They consider themselves to be extremely blessed in the team department. A whole bunch of dedicated and young technical professionals is working remotely with InnoSewa today. Their team’s strength lies in diversification, innovation, and delegation. They work like a well-oiled engine where everyone knows what their role is in the organization. 

InnoSewa is an innovative Digital Services company that aims to bring Digital Transformation & Automation. All the constant efforts are made to provide the best services to the clients. They are working closely with different manufacturing units. On noticing a huge demand for high-tech machines such as Laser marking machines, print machines, TIJ, and CIJ, the company stepped into the machines section along with Automation in 2019. Now they have successfully delivered a few projects in this field. Now, they are looking to deliver the best quality machines all over the globe.

Amit has achieved a lot in this short time, but he has made even bigger plans with his team for his company’s future. After the corona pandemic, they have decided to enter into the skills development sector i.e. training sector. They are planning to launch the LearnIt program under this section. The managing change leadership is almost ready to launch in this. They are in partnership with Talent Coachh Faridabad and also planning to enter into the corporate gifting solutions section with the name 




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