Anticube, the Co-Working Industry's Future, Opens Its First Office in Delhi

1 January 2023: Anticube, one of the newest providers of co-working space in India, just unveiled its first conceptual, state-of-the-art co-working space in Delhi. The first location was launched in Mohan Estate in Delhi. Anticube is a collaborative environment that offers a variety of services, including roomy private cabins, creative conference spaces, plug-and-play setup, and more. Anticube is proud to provide a safe and secure workplace with a forum for diverse minds to communicate innovative ideas, making it the ideal location for entrepreneurs, startups, MSMEs, freelancers, etc.

Anticube, the Co-Working Industry's Future, Opens Its First Office in Delhi

Co-working spaces are experiencing explosive growth in India, not only in terms of their overall popularity but also in terms of their physical footprint. Following the implementation of COVID, there has been a discernible increase in the demand for flexible co-working spaces; however, there are not sufficient workplaces to satisfy this need. Priya Tolasariya and Karan Garg, the founders of Anticube, came up with an out-of-the-box, versatile plug and play set-up in order to fill this need and meet the demands of the community as a whole. By hosting activities that foster community, this venue encourages group work and networking opportunities.

Karan Garg, the co-founder of the company, stated that they are "thrilled to provide a state-of-the-art co-working space that unites a broad group of people." Anticube was established as a result of our own challenges to locate a multicultural and accommodating place of employment, which prompted us to design a co-working space that goes beyond the usual four walls and embraces a minimalistic approach.

Priya Tolasariya, who is also one of the co-founders of Anticube, continues by saying, "We are conscious of the different needs of the workforce of today for a state-of-the-art co-working environment that supports their attention, productivity, and creativity." Anticube is committed to developing a culture that is more than just a place to work and that places a strong emphasis on personal development, creative expression, and the exchange of experiences. We are ecstatic to be expanding our services and facilities in order to meet the growing need for flexible working places that provide an exciting experience.

Anticube plans to expand by providing essential incubation services along with a panel of service providers needed by startups, MSMEs, and freelancers on-site in order to align with the long-term goal of increasing the 250 seats to 5000 seats and transforming it into a maker's space targeted toward product-based D2C companies in the future. This will allow Anticube to align with the long-term goal of increasing the 250 seats to 5000 seats. In addition to the conventional coworking possibilities, they plan to include amenities such as a café, a conference room, and a photography studio. The Anticube team suite is designed to assist companies with 8 to 220 employees in accommodating their teams in a manner that best matches the requirements, working styles, and corporate cultures of the organisations they work for.

Anticube provides a wide variety of forward-thinking services and facilities, some of which are listed below for your perusal:

Private Cabins - Their private offices are ideal for groups of three to eight people who need a spacious, dedicated space that is already furnished and ready to move into so that they may perform to the best of their abilities in an environment that has been thoughtfully crafted for that purpose.

Meeting and Conference Spaces - Your future team gathering will go off without a hitch when you use these rooms, which include an IT infrastructure and management that is extremely well managed.

Day Access allows individuals to reserve flexible seating for a single day, at which point they are free to make use of either the formal or casual settings, depending on their need.

Occasions & Photogenic Locations: Anticube offers both formal and informal settings, making it able to handle a wide variety of occasions.

Other amenities include specialised areas, surveillance cameras that are active around the clock, business mentoring and kickstarter packages, operational support services like as accountancy and graphic design, a spacious breakout zone, plug and play workspaces, encrypted WiFi, and plenty more.

Office space, coffee, events, and meeting space are all included as part of your subscription to Anticube. The benefits of their memberships, day tickets, and occasional leases go much beyond merely providing a place to have offices.

About Anticube

Anticube was conceived of and brought to life by two people who had difficulty locating an appropriate workspace for themselves and who had a strong desire to see the creation of a community of diverse people who can come together in a space that they can call their own in order to share ideas and information with one another. These individuals faced challenges in finding a suitable workspace for themselves and felt a deep desire for the creation of such a community.

As a company, we are firm believers that communities extend well beyond the traditional confines of four walls. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, professionals, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs), and even major corporations all have a place in the Anticube community. The space takes on a minimalistic concept, which helps develop attention, productivity, and creativity while at the same time providing an environment that is welcoming to everybody. We are here to help people actually like showing up to the office to do what they do best by providing a gamut of services on a pay-per-use basis ranging from kick-starter to most kinds of everyday operational support needed by small to mid-sized companies. These services range from kick-starter to most kinds of everyday operational support needed by small to mid-sized companies. At Anticube, our goal is to generate long-term value through encouraging the development of new connections, ideas, and businesses. We are not merely building a workplace; rather, we are creating an experience here.

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