Your everyday parking problems are solved with ParkHunt. Check it out today!

These days, the dream of a well organised parking system and convenient parking spot is a pipe dream. It's not often brought up in conversation unless we're suddenly confronted with the well-known problems associated with the area.

Your everyday parking problems are solved with ParkHunt. Check it out today!

This parking management company was initially established by Kushal Reddy, who is also known as the founder of ParkHunt. The experience of being in a circumstance quite similar to this one, in which he was unable to simply demonstrate ownership of his vehicle due to the fact that he had misplaced his valet ticket at a well-known restaurant, was the incident that motivated him to take the action that he did. It was there that he noticed the toll it takes on humans, even a very little issue in valet parking can have a significant impact later on. Because he has always been the kind of man who aspires to make a positive impact on the world around him, it should come as no surprise that the idea he conceived has been so fruitfully implemented to this day. His enterprising spirit has brought him varying degrees of success and failure in a variety of fields, yet despite this, he can look back on his accomplishments with pride today. Together, his boyhood buddy and COO Aditya Ramesh and co-founder and CTO Vishal Krishna Kumar, the main guy behind the excellent implementation of the application, eventually gathered to make the brand the enormous success that it is today.

ParkHunt is a company that provides parking solutions using technology. They are currently working on RFID Boom Barriers (Automated parking gates), which will be live in another month in gated communities and corporate offices, and their next project would be "find your parking spots." Currently, they offer two live products, which are valet software and parking management software. They can be business-to-business or business-to-consumer depending on the circumstances.

The features that make this brand stand out amongst all in the market are

  • They offer an e-valet ticket feature (instead of the paper ticket), Retrieval / 'Bring My Car' feature (prevents time consumption for the client time to spot the car.)
  • Businesses will be able to see when a car entered and exited (real-time data for security purposes and data analytics for better results)
  • Integrated system -E-tickets, in and out time data of vehicles to the premises, daily vehicle reports to the business for security purposes.
  • RFID Boom Barriers - Quite handy and saves time for regular employees with automatic opening of gates to enter the premises but not for the unknown.

 The highlight for the company is that they are duly modernizing and employing technology for the welfare of all.

  • Higher revenue generation
  • Hassle-free parking
  • Paperless ticketing
  • Technology-driven
  • Monetization for plot owners
  • Services at affordable prices
  • Parking ties with retail stores and many more

The company did not want to stop at Valet and began researching more about parking-related problems, fully understanding that business owners are also struggling in parking lots, so they eventually decided to develop parking management software, with the main feature being real-time tracking of vehicles and real-time tracking of the modus operandi. The e-ticket, the 'Bring My Car' feature, and the tracking of the number of vehicles entered and exited, as well as real-time vehicle tracking - the company did not want to stop They have already began working on a solution to the problem of locating parking spots in congested areas, and they anticipate that the solution will be ready for implementation within the next six months at the latest. They currently have a presence in Play Arena as well as a number of other prominent venues located all throughout Bengaluru.

ParkHunt is already quite a  success since its inception this year. To feed your inquisitiveness and know more about this concept and brand, visit the official website-



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