ViNi T.O.Y.S is an emerging manufacturer of children's bicycles and toys.

The globe is currently experiencing the development and expansion of enterprises across all industries. Several commercial areas are monopolised by a small number of corporations or nations. So, it is apparent that China has played a significant role in the market for children's toys. Globally, Chinese businesses hold a stranglehold on the market. In the meantime, India has become the largest consumer market due to our expanding population.

ViNi T.O.Y.S is an emerging manufacturer of children's bicycles and toys.
But, the circumstance is shifting as of today. India, aware of the scale of its market, is attempting to use the benefit of stealing the market monopoly from Chinese enterprises in order to maximise its potential profit. Our country is home to a growing number of businesses that are entering the toy manufacturing industry. Young companies are finding it easier to include this change as a result of favourable conditions such as relaxed standards, improved infrastructural facilities, and many others. Koppal district, which is located in the state of Karnataka, is now home to India's first toy manufacturing cluster, which was recently formed by the Indian government. Thus, entrepreneurs in India are shown an interest in constructing an increasing number of toy manufacturing plants in the country.
Santosh Nag Pathikonda is a successful entrepreneur who was born and raised in Hospet, Karnataka. It is possible that he is involved in the production of children's toys such as tricycles, bicycles, magic vehicles, and other such goods. He is the proprietor of a business known as Shivas & Son Pvt Ltd, through which he produces children's toys marketed under the brand name ViNi T.O.Y.S and bicycles marketed under the brand name SHIVAS.
Shivas & Son Pvt Ltd. has appointed Santosh Nag Pathikonda to the position of Managing Director. He has two brands in his company: one called ViNi, which he named after his children Virat and Nihitha, and another called SHIVAS, which he named after his father, Sadashiva. Both of these brands were named after him. Baby ride-ons, tricycles, walkers, magic vehicles, and other similar products are some of the things that ViNi T.O.Y.S creates. During this time, SHIVAS is engaged in the production of bicycles and electric bicycles.
In the year 2021, Santosh Nag Pathikonda began to entertain the idea of launching a new kind of enterprise in a sector of the Indian economy that was mostly unexplored by other entrepreneurs. In the meantime, he was seeing that India is a region filled with celebrations and fairs. On certain special occasions, festivities aren't complete until they include trips to the toy store. Nonetheless, at that time period, the vast majority of toys were brought in from China. He gave some thought to the situation.
Even though our country had a sizable market, he couldn't understand why we didn't produce toys and other goods for children that were proportionate to the size of our market. This compelled him to establish a factory that manufactured children's toys and bicycles. Together with this, he was able to achieve his ambition of providing work to a select few others. As a result, he did not turn around and instead acted in accordance with his views. In due time, he opened a factory in Hospet, Karnataka, and began turning out finished goods there.
ViNi is a brand name that has become synonymous with high-quality and reasonably priced items that children all around the country, not just in one particular state, adore and enthusiastically embrace. ViNi has been the firm in south India with the most rapid rate of growth. They only sold 500 tricycles but still managed to bring in Rs. 50,000 in income within the first month. Yet, the effort they put in and the methodical strategy they took started bringing in strong sales for him. As a result, they are currently generating around 45 lakhs rupees each month from the sale of more than 5000 units each month. In addition to this, one of his goals is to increase his monthly income to at least 1.2 crore rupees by the end of May 2023.
Over fifty persons have found work thanks to Santosh Nag Pathikonda's efforts. In addition to this, there has been the indirect creation of twenty new employment. This indicates that he is providing assistance to a total of seventy households, either directly or indirectly. The ViNi T.O.Y.S brand may be found in eight different states. Santosh Nag Pathikonda is in charge of supervising one RSM, one NSM, and eight field officers. He asserts that his company is the only one in the industry that operates in an ordered manner when conducting business. ViNi is a brand that has become synonymous with fashionable items that are both safe and of high quality. Manufacturing takes place with polymers that are safe for consumption at this BIS-accredited firm. Random inspections of the items' quality will be carried out in order to confirm that they do not pose any health risks to children.
Made in India, Compete with China was the guiding principle behind Santosh Nag Pathikonda's decision to launch this company. He hopes that through producing high-quality goods, he would be able to push his company to new heights. Even though he comes from a rather unimportant town, he is proving that there are prospects for business everywhere. But, one must have a robust attitude in order to make effective use of the resources at their disposal and discover solutions to the problems they face. He is of the opinion that India had sufficient capabilities and resources to expand substantially in the industry, hence dominating and outgrowing the global market.

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