Prince Chauhan – The man behind Ybratemedia

Prince Chauhan is the founder and CEO of Ybratemedia, a Delhi-based branding and marketing firm whose purpose is to visually express the distinctiveness, voice, and values of brands and businesses. Ybratemedia is in charge of telling a company's brand narrative in an engaging and consistent way across numerous channels. Prince, in addition to being an entrepreneur, is a marketing and branding coach with extensive expertise and a track record of educating over 500 entrepreneurs and company owners throughout the world, as well as offering digital marketing instruction to over 3000 Indian and international students.

Prince Chauhan – The man behind Ybratemedia

Ybratemedia provides a plethora of services that include Website designing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Video Marketing, Public relations, E-commerce Marketing, Personal branding, Election campaigning and many more where each service contributes to the marketing mix and aids in the effective development of a brand. Rather of marketing items or services, Ybratemedia focuses on telling tales. Ybratemedia is devoted to establishing brands and delivering the greatest results in order to boost the company's growth with the help of a team of enthusiastic marketers. Being client-centric in their dealings, the Ybratemedia team takes care to listen to and assess the customers' business needs, then implement a successful strategized strategy that not only helps them achieve their goals but also changes the way they conduct business. Ybratemedia leaves no stone unturned in their quest to learn everything there is to know about the target audience of the business of the clients and convert them into paying customers.

Indeed, a brand's digital presence helps businesses to nurture potential consumers by allowing them to choose and select the finest products and services for them. Without a doubt, the internet has turned into the ideal tool because of its worldwide reach, which helps a brand stand out in the minds of its clients, and a good brand image distinguishes any business and brand from its competitors. According to experts, having a strong brand presence ensures that your company will survive even the most difficult times, and digital marketing is the best and most efficient approach to achieve this goal.

Mr Prince shares his journey in a crux “I was a college dropout when I began my adventure at the age of 18 years old. I worked in a call centre and a factory, among other places and gradually completed my graduation from correspondence. I founded a business five years ago but had to shut it down due to a partnership dispute. I then worked as a digital marketing manager and a marketing manager for a number of multinational corporations. At the same time, I was providing internet marketing and branding training to a large number of individuals all over the world. I established my new business a year ago, and I provide marketing branding and public relations services to customers. Also, a branding and marketing coach for company owners and entrepreneurs. My firm also handles election campaigns for a number of political parties, and this year we are responsible for two-state elections”

23 years old Prince feels it's all about taking chances in life where though making money is the simplest task on the planet. However, if you are having an influence on people's lives, this is more essential than material items.  He says “I believe that making a difference in people's lives is more important than generating money”

Prince is working on a novel that will be released in 2022. In addition, he intends to develop a curriculum for aspiring entrepreneurs to assist them at no expense in realising their ideas.  He is already doing a two-month free course for Women entrepreneurs who should be trained in marketing and branding so that they may promote their businesses in a more efficient manner.

Prince signs off with his words of wisdom for the aspiring entrepreneurs “I encourage the young aspiring entrepreneurs to be passionate about their dream because Passion is the key ingredient that eventually drives you to succeed. And once you are completely dedicated to making your business work no matter how hard the process is no blocker remains a blocker. Moreover, in the course of your journey as an entrepreneur there comes various situations in life that take a toll on you emotionally, mentally and physically where at times it becomes tough to overcome and that’s when your passion eventually drives you forward”

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