Manoj Kr Bajaj: Contributing to the life of unprivileged

“Do as much as you can for the patient while doing as little as possible to the patient.” Let us get familiar with this medicine and consultation act like precautions before eternal health damage. That may lead to a permanent loss like death. You may be astonished by the number of people losing financial stability due to not getting initial treatment.

Manoj Kr Bajaj: Contributing to the life of unprivileged

Manoj Kr Bajaj is an entrepreneur with an empathic approach that is used for the betterment of others. He came up with the idea of Living Healthy 24 in 2014 when he saw quotidian news of unprivileged rural people suffering due to the lack of amenities. This impacted him to bring the change for these people and he started evaluating the processes to do needful and came up with this organization.

“Wherever the art of Medicine is needed, there is also a love of Humanity”.

India's economy is expanding, rural infrastructure is developing, and it has access to technology, all of which have the potential to improve the health of its people. Over the last decade, India has made substantial progress in population health, narrowing the disparities between rural and urban areas, as well as between rich and poor. However, significant inequities persist, and access to healthcare in rural regions remains a major concern. Manoj Kr Bajaj as the founder and CEO of Living Healthy 24, critically evaluated this situation and brought the art of medicine by working in hard-to-reach rural areas and innovated to enhance primary healthcare access, responsiveness, and quality.

Services provided by Living Healthy 24:-

Living Healthy 24’s diagnostic Test, and medicines & Franchise Opportunity

Medication delivered on time

With free standard shipping, discrete packaging, and a variety of ordering options. Our Pharmacy is one of the nation's premier prescription delivery businesses, with millions of customers relying on us to deliver their drugs on time. Because convenience is one of the primary reasons consumers use the online supplement and prescription services, we selected organizations that streamline and simplify the process of acquiring your drugs. It includes same-day assessments for new prescriptions, delivery and automated renewal systems, and mobile apps for medication compliance on the go.

Diagnostic Services

Their procedure is simple you don't need to check your calendar or make an appointment. Because there are thousands of lab test services on their website, the patients can book their lab test with a few simple clicks. The lab test times are limitless; whether it's a weekend or a weekday, the plan can be altered based on the patient's preferences. Now is the time to schedule a lab test based on your availability.

Medical Reminder and history

An exceptional feature is, provided where patients can keep a track of their upcoming medical requirements and regular checkups.

We are just a click away

The company has reached a turnover of 4 crores intending to reach the most remote areas. Manoj began the franchise business in April 2020 and has successfully signed up 25 franchisees in West Bengal to date, with plans to expand the firm throughout India. We believe in growing together with our partners in the next 5 to 10 years, we will be at the top of the industry, and our franchise partners will be at the top of their respective fields. The founder’s unique perspective is helping the brand reach higher possibilities. Their Genuine items with barcodes and after-sales services for their clients have created a trusted client base. The company has emerged as the best & reliable pharmacy franchise in West Bengal, which can be seen through their customer feedback and reliability in the organization. We are here to provide affordable and beneficial medical solutions.

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