HoneymoonIQ- A New and Beautiful experience for Honeymoon goers!

HoneymoonIQ aims to provide professional photographers at the honeymoon destination of couples. The company also offers a 24 x 7 24-hour 247 service across India.

HoneymoonIQ- A New and Beautiful experience for Honeymoon goers!

Recent years have seen an increasing trend in the pre-wedding photoshoot but in this new decade, a new trend is blooming, the ‘post-wedding photoshoot’. International couples are now investing more in their post-wedding photoshoots than the pre-wedding, Why?

Young couples have now understood the value of spending quality time together and capture their beautiful moments to keep them in their memory forever but in India, the problem couples face is to find a professional photographer at an affordable price. Fortunately, this problem was noticed by Manoj Yadav and Himanshu Singla who founded the company “HoneymoonIQ” in 2020 giving a beautiful experience to all couples.

Himanshu Singla

The company aims not only to provide professional photographers at the honeymoon destination of the couples which can help them in sight-seeing and click their beautiful pictures. But the platform also al lows them to book a comfortable stay at the most popular hotels in a very cost-effective way along with personalized 24 x 7 services across India.

The services provided by HoneymoonIQ is offered by keeping in mind the need and problems faced by customers. Some of those problems are finding an affordable photographer, tedious hotel booking procedure, less idea of tourist locations on the destination, paying a hefty amount on photoprints after the photo shoot, and much more. HoneymoonIQ makes sure that the couples do not worry about such problems and enjoy their time together.

It is a startup for the future which will not only enhance the honeymoon experience of the couples but will also increase the employment rate and business opportunities for photographers and travel and tourism industries. Moreover, it will also bring a new trend to the national market.

HoneymoonIQ takes care of their customers and makes sure that the couples can have a comfortable honeymoon so it also offers Easy diner membership which allows them to have around 50-70% discount on food bills and a free Airport transfer facility so that couples do not have to worry about commuting and meals.

Manoj Yadav

As the founder of Honeymoon IQ Manoj says- “Honeymoon is not just a trip but once in a lifetime experience”. HoneymoonIQ can help make it one of the most beautiful experiences of a couple’s life.

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