L Nitesh kumar Sprinkling the devotional notes through nuances of Classical music

"When the melody of music takes to the transcendental world, it's a devotion to the Almighty," says National Scholar in Hindustani classical vocal music from Ministry Of Culture, India L. Nitesh Kumar. We also recognize him for his famous Indian Bhajan and Ghazal singing. His commitment and love for music developed in the early years, and legendary Ghazal Singer Mehdi Hasan and Bhajan Singer Padma Shri Anup Jalota became his inspiration. During this process, he understood that the Guru shishya parampara is the ultimate way to discover his devotion for music, and he became a senior disciple of Padma Shri Anup Jalota.

L Nitesh kumar Sprinkling the devotional notes through nuances of Classical music

Nitesh Ji believes that the symphony of music has the power to heal souls and soothe the mind. Through contemplation, one can step forward on the path to feel the presence of God within us. Nobody was aware that after graduating in physics, Nitesh Ji would choose to become a vocalist someday. He is also interested in music directing, and simultaneously he plays many musical instruments like harmonium, flute, tabla, and piano. India's top leading companies like T-Series, Shemaroo Music, Ultra music, Wings music, Worldwide Records, and Gobindas always approached Nitesh Ji to work with them. As a result, he sang & composed the title track of "Jaan Bhi Jahan Bhi" on Doordarshan Uttar Pradesh.

Nitesh Ji believes in spiritual and devotional learning. According to him, music is a way to endure spiritual knowledge in a contemplated form. He has performed at various prestigious Programmes like Mukteswar Dance Festival Bhubaneswar, Whole Night Classical Programme Bhubaneswar, CCRT New Delhi, Zulu Theatre South Africa, Ghazal Mehfil Dubai, Jalota Foundation Awards ceremony, Nehru Centre Mumbai, Solapur Fest, and many more. However, he feels content singing soulful bhajans and ghazals, serving his ultimate creator.

Music gratifies Nitesh Ji and also thousands of listeners who feel transformed through his voice. He also mentions that he has a researcher within him and has been observing the impact of music on people for the last half a decade at a personal level. However, in recent years, he has seen the miraculous influence of his music on the lives of other individuals. For example, he has keenly observed that elderly persons feel relaxed on listening to devotional music.

Mr. L.Nitesh Kumar has got his inclination towards music as a legacy as his mother was into classical music and bhajans. He carried forward this legacy by learning it professionally after his PG Diploma. Fortunately, he could learn from renowned gharanas of India such as Gwalior Gharana of singing, Sham Chaurasi Gharana of Punjab, and the Indian devotional music under Sh Anoop Jalota Ji in Mumbai. He is also carrying forward the legacy of Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota Jee's music genres & the Bhajan Parampara.

Nitesh Ji has been very grateful for everything that he owns. "God has always been kind to me. I didn't ask for much, but he bestowed his blessings in numerous ways", expounds this spiritual soul who now owns a music label named '9 Frequencies Records'. His Hanuman Chaupai & other Spiritual chants & Bhajans got immense love from bhajan listeners and crossed millions of views on Digital Media platforms.

His recent releases are already touching the heart of millions of bhajan listeners-

1st- “Jai Ganesh Jai Gaurinandan” written by sukhnidhan Mishra , Music : Sanjayraj Gaurinandan Label: Pen Bhakti

2nd- “Shree Krishna Govind Hare murari” Lyricist : Shivpoojan Patwa, music Sanjayraj Gaurinandan,music Label : Pen Bhakti

3rd- “Leeladhar prabhu krishna Murari”, Lyricist: Manzar Gorakhpuri, Music L.Nitesh Kumar. Label : Red Ribbon

During the Lockdown period of the Covid Pandemic, he organized more than 150 Online Live concerts as an initiative to spread affirmative energy through music. People enjoy watching him sing as it delivers a soothing experience. His fans across the borders eagerly wait for his upcoming events abroad and album releases. Moreover, his bhajan concert Chinmaya Mission on Ram Navmi & Janmashtami in South Africa, was a great sensation.

Expressing his concern towards the present music industry, Nitesh Ji elaborates that people have started showing their interest in Indian classical music even though it may seem the era of hip hop and pop music. The enthusiasm shown by young people towards classical music warms Nitesh Ji's heart and inspires him to deliver the best to his audience. Whenever he gets an opportunity to share the stage with Bhajan Samrat Anoop Jalota Ji, it seems to be a lifetime gift to perform along with his master. Nitesh's Ji teaches us how important it is to follow your passion and work hard to achieve your dreams

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