How these Young Entrepreneurs Are Helping People Stay Healthy and Earn Rewards!

Fit India+ is a fitness app that grants rewards every time you burn calories. The goal is to help people stay consistent in their fitness journey, incentivizing them with rewards.

How these Young Entrepreneurs Are Helping People Stay Healthy and Earn Rewards!

Studies have shown that the main reason why people skip workouts is“lack of motivation”. What if there is a way by which you can count your calories and gain motivation seems impossible right? But  Amit Chhabria, Nikhil Muskur & Arhant Singh have made it possible with their fitness app. As per the motto “Burn Calories to Earn Rewards”, Fit India+ is a fitness app that grants rewards every time you burn calories. The goal is to help people stay consistent in their fitness journey, incentivizing them with rewards & offers for driving in motivation. However, the main purpose is to keep people in their fitness regime constantly.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, physical fitness is a crucial step to develop and maintain that healthy body. Fitness prevents diseases, improves mood, boosts energy, and maintains the weight of the body, collectively it improves the quality of life.

“Simply keep up your game of fitness and redeem exciting offers and amazing rewards on the Fit India + App. “

This is a calorie-based platform where for every 50 calories burned, Fit India + gives 1 Power Calorie (PC), which is an in-app currency. One can earn as many power calories to unlock the offers for amazing products in the in-app Store. It is a wearable-friendly application where one can do any workout they want and be rewarded for their efforts.


Along with gaining power calories and receiving rewards, there are many other features in this app. There is a level system in this app, the maximum capacity to increase power calories is as per any level the user picks. There are 5 levels which raise as much as 25 PC. One can record their consistency for active workouts by maintaining the streak, skipping a day will result in restarting the streak from day one.


Actual user feedback claimed that they used to burn 800 calories and now have raised up to 1200 calories after using Fit India+. This shows that people are feeling more active and it is raising the bar to their own limit not just to seek rewards but to level up their fitness game. Users of the app are not at all restricted to any particular form of exercise. Fit India + does not record any data on its own but reads it from HealthKit so the user/s has a choice of using their favorite wearable/s or any app they use to exercise daily.


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Now let’s see what makes Fit India+ stand out in front of competitors:

It is a personalized fitness and rewards-based platform, where one can redeem exciting rewards & offers while achieving their fitness goals. It has been noticed that no one wants to be on the same fitness level, upgrading yourself higher in a better shape is what they want and this app helps in achieving it.

This is a calorie-based application that believes in you & would reward you based on the active calories you, we are sure it would make you feel good about putting in that extra punch to avail the best offers and rewards. In order to make the app user-friendly and accessible to more people, frequent updates are made. The app is already colorblind-friendly and they are currently testing a feature where Fit India + can also be used by Specially Abled people. The plans of the company involve working towards making their app to be more inclusive for everyone. New features and services would be announced soon on the app.


The company has strong marketing which is strategically planned. Currently, the market is completely open and welcoming them with open arms. Partnering with such companies makes them a family of 20 Brands+ and growing. 

Nowadays, the market is evolving and brands wish to support small businesses. These collaborations grow and thrive such businesses and this proves to be more beneficial to the users. Fit India + also serves as a platform where companies can place their products and services while engaging with the audience. Their plan of execution is to grow organically and run a community-based program for everyone’s sake.

Fit India + is on a mission to help India stay consistent in its path of fitness. Operating such a dynamic app needs a highly skilled team with smart leaders. The team of this app has creative brains and everyone is passionate to take it to a worldwide platform.



 Fit India +

Mr. Arhant Singh is the Chief Business Officer at Fit India + and has a well-built experience in Commerce, Social media & Heading B2B Sales, and Partnerships at Fit India +. He is extremely proficient in social media marketing and has been handling sales and marketing for the past 3 years. 

Mr. Amit Chhabria is the CEO of Fit India+ and looks after the major operations and the business and product development aspects. He has been working on Business Growth & Scale-up profile for the Social Development Sector & various other startups for the last 5 years. 

Mr. Nikhil Muskur is the man behind the success of the Fit India + app as he is the CTO and looks after the Apple Watch and iOS development. He is an expert in software development due to which he can manage multiple app-related projects with ease and is very efficient at it.

The whole team of Fit India+  has the following esteemed members:

Development Team: Nikhil Muskur, Amit Chhabria &Vaibhav Singh

Business Partnerships: Arhant Singh, Vishal Singh & Jayesh Patole

Social Media & Marketing team: Venkatesh Yadav & Gautam Kumar

Research & Lead Management Team: Aayush Chaudhary

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