Chat GPT 2.0: Hello to the Future with Cognitive AI from Digital Futur

Digital Futur is a prominent tech-marketing agency that assists organisations in achieving their objectives via the implementation of creative and successful digital solutions. With a team of specialists in artificial intelligence, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, and website design and development. We personalise our services to meet the unique requirements of each client and are devoted to delivering great outcomes and superior customer service.

Chat GPT 2.0: Hello to the Future with Cognitive AI from Digital Futur

Bitan Purkayastha, Kabir Mehta, and Abdul Rehman, the co-founders of Digital Futur, have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that enthusiasm, talents, and experience can be channelled effectively to produce innovative goods and solutions. Their one-of-a-kind skill sets have allowed them to develop cutting-edge solutions for companies operating in a wide variety of markets, and their aspirations for the future are equally as expansive.

Already, Digital Futur has developed a number of groundbreaking items that have sparked a revolution in the technology sector. The SEO sector was completely disrupted by their flagship product, which is a chatbot that is powered by AI and is called Cognition.

Mohit Chauhan led a talented group of industry professionals in the creation of Cognition's user interface and user experience (UI-UX).

Cognition has made it much simpler and more expedient for websites to achieve higher rankings on search engines by virtue of its capacity to instantly score pages for search engine optimization (SEO). The plugin has been a game-changer for organisations of all sizes, as it has helped them optimise their websites more effectively and has made it possible for them to save time. Additionally, Digital Futur has developed a logistics platform based on drones that allows for the effective and rapid distribution of medical supplies. This platform has proven to be an essential component in the provision of medical support during the epidemic.

Despite this, Digital Futur is not happy to merely rest on its previous accomplishments. The business intends to broaden the range of products it offers and develop new products and services targeted at certain markets, such as the education and financial sectors. Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) are two technologies that Digital Futur is investigating for their potential to improve the user experience in the field of real estate in the near future.

In the field of education, Digital Futur is working on establishing a personalised learning platform that makes use of AI to produce a learning experience that is uniquely suited to each individual learner. This platform has the potential to be a game-changer for education given its capacity to adapt to the distinct learning style and speed of each individual learner. Students would be able to learn at their own pace while also receiving the individualised attention that is necessary for them to be successful.

Blockchain technology is being investigated by Digital Futur for use in the financial sector with the goal of making financial transactions that are both more effective and more safe. Blockchain technology has the potential to help minimise the risk of fraud and boost the efficiency of financial transactions. Blockchain's capacity to establish transactions that are both safe and transparent gives it this potential.

The co-founders of Digital Futur are dedicated to making a good difference in the world by utilising the products and solutions that their company offers. During our conversation with the company's founders, they shared with us that one of their goals is to expand the availability of education in underdeveloped nations by utilising their individualised learning platform. Digital Futur's mission is to make education more reasonably priced and available to all people throughout the world through the application of AI and NLP technology.

The overarching goal of Digital Futur's aim is to continue to lead a technological revolution by developing ground-breaking goods and services. Because of the company's ability to keep on the cutting edge of technology, they have been able to maintain their competitive edge in the technology industry, which is always evolving. The co-founders are well on their way to become leaders in the IT business thanks to the exceptional combination of talents and experience that they bring to the table.

The co-founders of Digital Futur have demonstrated that one's passion, abilities, and expertise can be combined in such a way as to produce game-changing goods and solutions. In the years to come, Digital Futur is going to establish itself as a formidable competitor with the goal of bringing about a technological revolution in the business world. The company is well positioned to achieve continuing success as a result of its efforts to broaden the range of products it offers and to investigate new areas of technology and industry. Digital Futur is a model for other companies who want to make a difference in the world while still achieving financial success because the company has made a commitment to employing its services and products for charitable purposes.

About the Original Pioneers

Bitan, Kabir, and Abdul are all experienced business owners, and they have joined forces to establish Digital Futur, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based creative agency in India. The group of three individuals has developed an original and potent answer to a problem that exists in the realm of digital marketing and education with the intention of one day using their ground-breaking products to bring about a technological and marketing industry revolution.

Bitan Purkayastha, the visionary co-founder of the company, is an engineer in the field of computer science. When he founded his first company, which was in the event business, he had just turned 16 years old. He was able to make it work in spite of obstacles such as not having enough money or enough people to do the work. Later on, Bitan established a travel startup known as Galitor. In 2018, the company became known as the "Uber for guides." The platform provided users with the ability to connect with local guides in order to personalise their trip experience. Also, Galitor was acquired by a travel company in the year 2018, after having received investment from external investors.

Bitan, who had a strong interest in technology, joined forces with Kabir and Abdul to form Digital Futur. He has been the primary impetus for the expansion and success of the company over the past few years. He was the driving force behind the creation of the agency's main product, Cognition, which has completely changed the landscape of the SEO market. Bitan has put Digital Futur on the path to become a leader in the technology business with the forward-thinking strategy that he has taken.

In addition to being a co-founder of the executionist, Kabir Mehta is a computer science engineer. He started a firm that he called Intellicate Innovations, and the company's mission was to assist the ed-tech industry in rural areas in more rapidly adopting technology and going digital. The expertise that Kabir possessed in the field of marketing inspired him to collaborate with Bitan in the establishment of Digital Futur. Kabir is in charge of all of the marketing needs for Digital Futur, as he is the head of performance marketing for the company. He has been a significant contributor to the expansion of the business and the number of its clients.

Kabir has been honoured for the valuable contributions he has made to the field of marketing. He has been asked to speak at a number of different marketing conferences, and he has participated as a panellist in a number of other marketing events, including those held in colleges. In order to get momentum, a number of marketing students and early-stage business owners have leveraged his insights into the world of marketing as case studies. The sales he made with Meta Ads for a fashion firm based in Dubai, which resulted in stratospheric returns on advertising spend (ROAS) of more than 250 times, remain his most successful case study to this day.

Abdu Rehman is an experienced digital marketing specialist and one of the co-founders of the company Digital Futur. Abdul began his professional life working for an AI-based drone firm that specialised on drone aviation logistics for the healthcare industry. He held an MBA in logistics at the time. His background in supply chain management, which he gained from his work in logistics, was ultimately what brought him to the world of online retailing.

Abdul joined Digital Futur because he was interested in online business and the logistics structures that support it. Since then, he has excelled in the role of organic marketing head at Digital Futur, achieving organic rankings for e-commerce clients on reselling platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, and others. His leadership in the creation of successful digital marketing strategies that have assisted the agency's customers in thriving in the highly competitive world of e-commerce has been a significant contributor to the agency's overall success.

As a result of the widespread recognition of Abdul's skill in digital marketing, he has been invited to speak at a number of different conferences and events. In addition to that, he has spoken at a number of digital marketing events as a panellist, where he has shared his knowledge and experience with others working in the field.

The only thing that can compare to Abdul's enthusiasm for digital marketing is his dedication to revolutionising the way logistics are practised in India. Because of his extensive knowledge and experience, he is well on his way to making significant strides towards revolutionising the e-commerce market in India as well as elsewhere.


The mission of Digital Futur is to continue to be a disruptive force in the technology sector by developing ground-breaking products and services. They intend to broaden their product offering by developing solutions that may be utilised in a variety of markets, including the education and financial sectors. The co-founders are well on their way to become leaders in the IT business thanks to the exceptional combination of talents and experience that they bring to the table.

In conclusion, Bitan, Kabir, and Abdul, the co-founders of Digital Futur, are examples of how enthusiasm, skills, and expertise can be leveraged to produce innovative products and solutions. Their one-of-a-kind skill sets have made it possible for them to develop cutting-edge solutions for companies operating in a wide variety of markets. In the years to come, Digital Futur will emerge as a formidable competitor thanks to its ambitious plan to completely transform the computer and technology industries.

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