Herb Earth offers pediatrician-recommended, safe, and effective baby nutrition products.

Parenting a child is regarded a life-altering event and entails a continual learning process. When it comes to caring for their children, parents always seek out the safest and chemical-free solutions available on the market.

Herb Earth offers pediatrician-recommended, safe, and effective baby nutrition products.

Herba Earth is a one-stop shop for all new parents who are looking for excellent baby-care items to offer their toddler the greatest experience possible and to make the process of becoming a parent a little bit simpler. Riya Saha, the company's creator, and Dr. Sudip Sarkar, who served as the company's co-founder, launched it in December of 2019.

The brand offers a selection of skin care oils, body lotions, and hair shampoos, all of which are made from 100% natural ingredients and do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals. This helps to ensure that the products have no negative side effects on the user. Herba Earth's mission is to offer baby care products that are of the highest possible quality while being affordable. These products are designed to care for the delicate skin and rapidly growing hair of infants.

The process of building this brand was kicked off by its founder, Riya Saha, when she established Herba Earth Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. in the quaint town of Cooch Behar, located in the state of West Bengal. Despite this, she wanted to launch a line of baby care products that were made entirely of natural components and had no negative side effects, so she built Herba Earth with the help of Mr. Debabrata Sen, who is now the company's Product Management Head. Her passion, together with Mr. Debabrata's extensive knowledge gained from working for an FMCG behemoth and several other pharmaceutical firms over the course of fourteen years, was essential in laying the groundwork for Herba Earth's baby-care product line.

Coco's Earth Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, the first product in the baby-care line, was a huge success and received widespread positive response from paediatricians. The product is made from the flesh of the coconut, from which the oil is extracted through cold-pressing, thereby preserving the natural properties and nutrients of the oil. Because it does not include any artificial perfumes, parabens, sulphates, or other potentially harmful chemicals, Coco's Earth Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is a better choice than other products for use in baby massage. In addition to that, it maintains the baby's skin's natural suppleness and hydration. rich in MCFAs, which nourish the scalp of babies; rich in lauric acid, which prevents protein loss from hair; helps to calm the muscles; reduces inflammation; soothes and moisturises the skin; helps to relax the muscles; helps decrease inflammation; has a high concentration of;

A few months later, Herba Earth introduced Kido Soft® Baby Face and Body Lotion, a non-greasy lotion that contains natural substances that are easily absorbed by the skin of infants and young children. The lotion has been formulated with herb extracts that are soothing to the baby's skin. Additionally, the lotion does not contain any added colours or essences that could irritate the baby's sensitive skin. After Herba Earth's adventure had been underway for a year, Dr. Sudip Sarkar (MS. Surgeon) became a part of the brand. His experience and knowledge were important in assisting the company in growing to new heights and scaling new heights. In addition to this, Dr. Sarkar was instrumental in the launch of the baby-care product range in various regions of West Bengal and Sikkim.

In addition, the products offered by Herba Earth are free of both sulphates and parabens, therefore top paediatricians prescribe them for their patients and give them a high recommendation. Herba Earth has become the most trusted brand in the industry as a result of the need and demand for baby skin care that is both safe and effective. The company sells approximately 5000 units every month.

Herba Earth has nearly achieved the landmark number of 200 retail outlets, and the company is presently concentrating its efforts on creating a dominant presence on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart in order to better serve the company's loyal consumer base. According to the company's founders, the company was able to generate employment for a total of seven different positions in the current year, and they intend to enhance that number in the following year. In addition to this, they have plans to introduce the Herba Earth brand of baby care products to the countries of Bhutan and Nepal, in addition to a few additional states in India.

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