Griffin Publication distributes the novel Autobiography Of A Paedophile by Partha Prawal Goswami.

The debut novel of Partha Prawal Goswami, "Autobiography of a Paedophile," is published by Griffin Publication on 11 February 2023. Partha Prawal Goswami is a journalist and author living in Assam.

Griffin Publication distributes the novel Autobiography Of A Paedophile by Partha Prawal Goswami.
Dr. Ajay Kummar Pandey, who is a senior advocate, seasoned journalist, and TV pundit, sat in the chair reserved for the Chief Guest. During the same time, renowned journalist and educator Dr. Shiv Sethi served as the event's Guest of Honor.
During his remarks, Dr. Pandey extended his congratulations to the author on the publication of his first book.
"With Indian publishing trending more towards non-fiction and 'pop-fiction, the courageous deed of journalist turned author Partha Parwal Goswami promises that the future of timeless writing is in safe hands," he said. "Partha Parwal Goswami's book is a testament to the power of words," he added.
"In this day and age of digital communication, it took a special kind of bravery to write a novel on the subject of sexual abuse of children and the legal repercussions of such abuse. I would like to offer my congratulations to both the author and the publisher on this audacious endeavour to heal the wounds of society and shed light on the hidden truth "he said.
Dr. Ajam Kummar Pandey also shared his extensive knowledge of Literature and Law with the audience, elaborating on how literature has the potential to play important roles in society through educating large groups of people.
He hoped that the book would be a huge hit, and he pushed the author to write what he was passionate about, regardless of how the market or the reviewers reacted to the first work of his career.
Dr. Shiv Sethi sent his congratulations to the author, Partha, and noted that it was definitely a courageous endeavour to create a novel about topics that are often considered to be taboo. He brought up the issues of child marriages, child abuse, and harassment, all of which needed to be voiced by authors so that society could be educated, and so that people could understand how important it is to talk about such issues in order to educate everyone on topics that are considered to be taboo.
In addition, Professor Shiv Sethi stated that he was eager to do an in-depth analysis of the work and provided insightful insights on Language and Literature.
Partha Prawal Goswami, when asked to share his ideas on the subject as well as the inspiration for writing it, stated, "During the time that I was completing my graduation requirements at Darrang College, I had the inspiration for this notion. The notion was misplaced; but, while we were locked down at COVID-19, I began giving it considerable thought again. I didn't start putting the finishing touches on the narrative until the end of 2021, but I did eventually get there."
"I had no doubts about the narrative, and I was certain that the title would include the word "paedophile." The main character's life is the focus of the narrative, specifically his maturation from a child into an adult. It's a love story, but there are some dark and murky undertones to it "he said.
The event was attended by budding poets Olivia Rajkumri, Monaliza Goswami, and Bhargab Sarma in addition to best-selling writers such as Chayashree Pathak, Dimple Sarma, and Niladri Chakraborty. Also in attendance was the famed Assamese actor Monuj Borkotoky.
Autobiography Of A Paedophile, which was written by Raktim and published by Griffin Publication, focuses on his life and the numerous stages he has gone through. The plot touches on a variety of facets of life, such as falling in love and becoming engaged in a scandal that causes the protagonist to lose his work, his reputation, and a number of important relationships. Was he guilty of the crime he was accused of, or was he set up by someone else to look guilty? The author does not spare any effort in his quest to uncover the truth for his readers.
The book may be purchased on Amazon, and it will soon be made accessible in other countries across the world.

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