Automating Repetitive Tasks with the FlowMattic Automation Plugin Saves Valuable Time

You noticed yourself performing repetitive duties when working on your website, such as sending notifications or alerts, publishing and scheduling posts, and maintaining user roles and permissions. You must free up site administrators' time and resources so they may focus on more vital jobs and activities. In this case, automation plugins are useful.

Automating Repetitive Tasks with the FlowMattic Automation Plugin Saves Valuable Time

WordPress plugins that automate repetitive tasks are a fantastic way to cut down on wasted time and boost the efficiency of your entire team. After working as a WordPress developer for a company for three years beginning in 2013, Nitin Yawalkar felt that there was still a lot of work to be done in terms of website creation and management.

This Tilak Maharashtra University BCA graduate formulated his start-up in November 2021 by registering his company as InfiWebs Private Limited. The objective of this start-up was to sell WordPress plugins on the online marketplace Envato. After giving this topic a great deal of thought and drawing on all of his previous professional experiences, he did so. At this time, the company is selling more than 15 different WordPress plugins.

Soon after, he began to work on an automation plugin, and in March 2022, InfiWebs introduced the FlowMattic automation plugin to the public.

While working for a customer on Codeable, this 2018 Codeable Certified Expert Developer had the inspiration to design an automation plugin that would enable WordPress websites connect to any app or SaaS service. This plugin would be able to connect WordPress to any app or SaaS product. Because of this inspiration, the FlowMattic automation plugin came into being.

This plugin currently powers over 1000 websites and helps users automate the operations they perform on their websites.

So what is this FlowMattic automation plugin?

FlowMattic is a WordPress plugin for automation that will assist you in automating your processes so that you may free up more of your valuable time to focus on more productive tasks. You can do so from within the administrative area of your WordPress site.

You won't have to write a single line of code to construct workflows using FlowMattic because it was designed from the ground up to be a plugin with no coding requirements.

A workflow is a method that allows you to execute things automatically through a series of phases that make use of various activities that you want to carry out. A single workflow may be the result of the combining of several application stages.

So what is the USP of FlowMattic?

The FlowMattic plugin is a powerful plugin. This provides you with:

  • Unlimited Workflows
  • Unlimited task executions
  • Powerful Webhooks
  • Load Only Useful Applications
  • Schedule Workflows
  • Iterator Module
  • Delay Module
  • Powerful API Module
  • Router Module
  • Email / Custom Smtp Module
  • User Level Workflows
  • Conditional Steps Execution
  • Email Parser

You can read more about the features on the official website

 Since the launch of FlowMatic, this small but efficient team of three developers and a designer has delivered over 85 new integrations with different apps and SaaS tools.

They also have more than 400 customers, and the FlowMattic automation plugin is being used on more than 1000 websites right now.

So, if you want to reduce the time you spend daily on repetitive tasks, or want to connect your WordPress site with your favourite app or SaaS tool, give the FlowMattic automation plugin a try!

 Visit their website, Facebook page, and Instagram account to learn more about InfiWebs, FlowMattic, and their work.

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