FRIENDS & FLEA: The Ultimate Shopping and Entertainment Extravaganza Takes Pune by Storm.

In Pune, a city in India known for its vibrant culture and love for festivities, a new and exciting event is set to captivate the hearts of Punekars. FRIENDS & FLEA, a brainchild of Ankush, the visionary behind Satisfaction Events, is gearing up to celebrate its inaugural edition with a bang. With a legacy of 25 successful years in event management, Satisfaction Events is proud to introduce a one-of-a-kind flea market experience that promises a weekend filled with shopping, entertainment, and endless joy.

FRIENDS & FLEA: The Ultimate Shopping and Entertainment Extravaganza Takes Pune by Storm.

Ankush, the Mastermind Behind FRIENDS & FLEA is the driving force behind Satisfaction Events, and FRIENDS & FLEA, is no stranger to the world of event management. His passion for creating memorable experiences led to the inception of Satisfaction Events, which has been delighting audiences for a quarter of a century. Now, with FRIENDS & FLEA, Ankush envisions bringing together the community in a whole new way.

 FRIENDS & FLEA is not your typical flea market. It's a grand celebration of creativity, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. Set to take place on the 7th and 8th of October at the enchanting Siddhi Gardens in Pune, this event promises an unforgettable weekend for all attendees.

 The cornerstone of FRIENDS & FLEA is its commitment to offering a platform for both established brands and aspiring entrepreneurs. With over 150 popup brands showcasing their products, this event aims to bridge the gap between online and offline audiences, giving businesses a chance to connect with their customers in person.

 The list of attractions is endless: from live music that will have you dancing to the beats of Bollywood, belly dance performances that will mesmerize, and Madhura Kitchen workshops that will tantalize your taste buds, there's something for everyone. Attendees can also look forward to fire shows, fire artists, and other surprises that will make their weekend the happiest one yet.

 Ankush and the team at Satisfaction Events drew inspiration from previous events they attended, fuelling their desire to create something unique for the community. Currently, FRIENDS & FLEA boasts an impressive lineup of 100+ brands, and ticket sales are soaring, making it clear that this event is set to become Pune's biggest shopping spree of the season.

 As FRIENDS & FLEA prepares to launch its first edition, the anticipation is palpable. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of an extraordinary shopping and entertainment extravaganza.

 Secure your tickets now through the Paytm Insider Ticket Link or visit the official website  for more information.

 Stay updated on all the latest news and updates by following FRIENDS & FLEA on Instagram @friendsandflea and discover the participating brands at

Get ready to embark on the ultimate shopping spree and experience the magic of FRIENDS & FLEA, where shopping meets entertainment, and memories are waiting to be made.


FRIENDS & FLEA is a dynamic flea market event brought to you by Satisfaction Events, a seasoned event management company with a 25-year legacy of delivering unforgettable experiences. FRIENDS & FLEA is designed to be a platform for brands to showcase their products to offline audiences and a launchpad for budding entrepreneurs. With a fusion of shopping, live music, dance performances, workshops, and more, FRIENDS & FLEA promises a weekend of non-stop entertainment and fun. Join  for the first edition on October 7th and 8th, 2023, at Siddhi Gardens in Pune, India.

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