Astrome's unique product GigaMesh - Innovative wireless solution for high speed internet, to help Telecom providers in 5G rollout.

Good speed, affordable internet in all parts of India is a pre-requisite for Digitial India's success. Astrome has the solution - GigaMesh, wireless device to provide fibre-like internet but at much lower cost now.

Astrome's unique product GigaMesh - Innovative wireless solution for high speed internet, to help Telecom providers in 5G rollout.

Astrome, a women-lead deeptech startup, is all set to start Productization and Commercialization of GigaMesh, a cutting-edge wireless device that enables telecom providers to offer dependable low-cost internet services to suburban and rural areas while offering bandwidth comparable to fibre, but at 5 times lesser cost.

Astrome will be able to provide last-mile connectivity, by GigaMesh, the first E-band radio with multiple point-to-point (multi-P2P) transmission that offers cheaper capital expenditure and operating expenditure costs. Astrome, will get a ₹2.97 crores financial assistance from Technology Development Board, of Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, for ‘GigaMesh Solution’ to deliver 4G/5G Telecom and Internet services for Defence and Rural Sectors.

This deep tech startup was backed by the DST-ABI Woman Startup Program of the Department of Science and Technology and was housed at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore (DST). Astrome ihas already patented its millimetre-wave multi-beam technology in both India and US. It is now setting the standard for millimeter wave wireless communication, by delivering substantially higher bandwidths. This accompanied by the affordable pricing will expedite the rollout of 5G in future.

Astrome’s ‘groundbreaking wireless fibre solution for 5G’, the GigaMesh has multiple non-shared links, which accompanied by its intelligent link management system, access the changing environment and automatically takes action to maintain a good performance, not only providing gigabit speed but also covering large range as well.

Since being founded in 2015, Astrome has achieved a great feat. Apart from its services to rural connectivity and Indian defence forces, it has also expanded its market to Indonesia and US as well. With offices in both Bengaluru and California, this startup in 2021, had raised $3.4 million in a bridge financing that it used to expand its US market, intensify operator testing around the world, and commercialize its core technology through new products.

Astrome is further working on two new innovative products -- GigaSat and SpaceNet.

GigaSat is a flat panel satellite terminal with an electronically steerable antenna that is capable of providing communication in multiple frequencies, by forming multiple simultaneous spot beams.

Spacenet is an innovative payload technology through which the next generation of satellite networks can be deployed by satellite operators. A V-band intersatellite communication link is also provided by this totally software defined payload technology.

With such unique products, Astrome can paving be the way to a new digital era, where Indian companies become global players, providing affordable telecommunications solution to a major part of the world.

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