With the help of Saikat B, you may refresh and rewire your mind, personality, and life.

In this volatile, unpredictable, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) era, it's no surprise that pressures like stress, uncertainty, tension, and multitasking are part of everyday life. Because of this, problems with one's mind or behaviour are on the rise all around the world. Because it is still forbidden in our society to discuss such matters openly, numerous people who are suffering go without comforting support.

With the help of Saikat B, you may refresh and rewire your mind, personality, and life.

It is also good news that placebos can duplicate many of the effects of antidepressants, which should be taken into consideration by people who are under excessive amounts of stress and, in particular, by people who do not derive sufficient therapeutic benefit from medication and who find that the adverse effects of antidepressants are problematic for them. It indicates that there are further solutions to the problems associated with mental health and behaviour. Irving Kirsch, a professor of psychology at the University of Hull in the United Kingdom, made the following observation: "As we have seen, treatments such as psychotherapy and physical exercise are more effective than placebos and at least as successful as antidepressant medicines." It has been demonstrated that cognitive behavioural therapy, in particular, can lessen the chance of relapsing into depression for years after treatment has ended, which makes it particularly cost-effective.

Within this framework, there is a single persona that is able to take you by the hand and guide you toward becoming a more positive version of yourself. Saikat B is an esteemed professional in her field; she is a coach who is registered with the Certified Coaching Alliance (Reg. No. 755373) and who is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ACSTH route). He excels as a life transition coach, relationship coach, and behaviour analyzer all at the same time. The following is a list of the areas of competence in which he excels:

  • Personality development
  • Relationship management
  • Emotional distress management
  • CBT, counseling
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Soft skill training
  • Career management, Mindfulness, and motivation

Saikat, who is a licenced professional member of the National Positive Psychology Association, has more than 12000 hours of experience working with clients from all across India and other countries. His clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds. His expertise in life coaching, psychotherapy, and counselling enables him to maximise an individual's performance, capability, and efficiency. As a result, many young people as well as many professionals have benefited from his coaching and have been able to achieve greater levels of success in their lives and careers. His sessions, in contrast to those of others on the market, are not centred around making money off of members and instead are really meaningful and purposeful.

Saikat is. When he was 22 years old, he began his professional life in the automotive industry working as a training supervisor. Before devoting himself to a career as a coach, counsellor, and trainer as a behaviour analyst, he worked for 18 years in the pharmaceutical industry (with top-tier global multinationals), where he gained experience in people management, strategic planning, operations, training, and various other fields. He participated in a number of programmes designed to teach trainers and also finished a few courses supported by the organisation that were offered by Harvard Business School or the Hay Group.

He was a successful up-and-coming cricketer under the age of 19 who played at top-tier Bengal clubs and the state level until one fine day a knee injury ended his athlete adventure. Until then, he had played at both the state and club level in Bengal. However, he never lost up on his determination to establish a name and reputation for himself.

According to Saikat, achieving success in life is "leaving the world behind as a better place to live in, either leaving a healthy child behind or even leaving a redeemed societal state." If you know that your actions have made a positive difference in even one person's life, then the preceding sentence has been proven to be accurate in its core meaning. This is the most important point to take away from this situation.

The ultimate objective of Saikat is to affect and mould the lives of 5000 people by the year 2030. In addition to penning a number of articles and pieces for various regional newspapers and penning an e-book on the subject of relationship management titled "Before You Say Goodbye," he has another accomplishment to add to his list of accomplishments. Recently, his penmanship was featured in a collection of poems written in Bengali that was published all over the world.

Without further ado, seize the opportunity to make significant changes in your life by learning more about Saikat through the resources provided below or by contacting him at.




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