Rishi becomes one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India backed by IIT Bombay, Research in the digital healthcare industry, Biological AI technology.

● Fitnastic becomes one of the first startups to bring biological AI technology to the wellness world. ● The idea of creating 'overall wellness solutions' led Fitnastic to associate with MetFlux technology, developed by researchers at IIT Bombay, which is backed by clinical evidence and trials. ● Fitnastic founder Mr. Rishi Nagar says, "MetFlux is a step closer to our goal of improving lives and advancing better-personalized health at an affordable cost to people and society."

Rishi becomes one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India backed by IIT Bombay, Research in the digital healthcare industry, Biological AI technology.

We often come across apps or programmes that claim quick remedies for everything connected to one's health, from flabby abs to the ideal diet planner. These quick fixes can be found in everything from fitness trackers to diet planners. They guarantee that your body will be fully healthy and sound in as little as "only 21 days." However, a small percentage of them adhere to predetermined medical standards or participate in a battery of controlled clinical tests. When it comes to matters concerning your health, it is especially easy to become confused and sceptical as a result of the volume of information that circulates via the internet and various social media platforms.

Since the pandemic, digital health and health technology firms have only become more prominent, and they are currently transforming the method in which we gain access to medical care.

One of the at-home Health & Wellness platforms that grew in popularity was Fitnastic. Being recognized by the Government of India under #StartupIndia, Fitnastic stood apart with its different interactive live workouts, yoga, dance fitness, customized diet plans, and personalized approach, making it a one-of-a-kind platform that focuses on improving the overall health of an individual and at the same time, making dieting and workouts fun, engaging and rewarding.

The idea behind Fitnastic

Rishi Nagar, 27, a young entrepreneur, was driven to create Fitnastic by an overwhelming phase of family health difficulties as well as the ultimate goal of decreasing the burden of lifestyle ailments.

He lost his father to oral cancer when he was in Class 8. Two years later, he was diagnosed with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), the same year he lost his uncle to liver cancer. Another couple of years later, an accident left Rishi with a metal rod implantation in his left hand. After losing her aunt the same year to a sudden stroke, Rishi decided to pursue B.Pharma + MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai.,

What makes Fitnastic different?

Fitnastic is doing justice to the phrase 'from the comfort of your own home' because they eliminate the need of having proper gym equipment for workouts. From rewarding participants for being consistent to having cashback programs, Fitnastic's different yet interesting approach is what makes them distinct from other traditional training platforms. In near future, Fitnastic aims to organize fit camps that will help people connect with nature and set up cloud kitchens to promote healthy eating. 

What's new: Fitnastic to take Digital Health to newer heights

People are increasingly leaning toward a personalised approach to medicine that is tailored particularly to the requirements of an individual patient at this critical juncture in the annals of medical history. The idea of providing "overall wellness solutions" and the vision that "Every family should have access to early diagnosis and healthcare at an affordable rate" led Fitnastic to associate with the MetFlux technology, which was developed by a researcher at IIT Bombay and is supported by clinical evidence and trials. Fitnastic's mission is to provide "overall wellness solutions." By doing so, Fitnastic has established itself as one of the pioneering companies to introduce biological AI technology to the field of wellness. This is accomplished by augmenting traditional AI with a scientific layer that generates individualised results based on physiology.

For a number of years, customised healthcare meant conducting a test to identify a disease-related biomarker and then administering a medication that was specifically designed for that biomarker. Today, Fitnastic is working to develop and connect this personalised approach across the whole patient care continuum in order to provide clinically evidence-based, trial-based, technology-enabled healthcare solutions that are suited to the individual.

To bring the promise of the ultimate personalized healthcare to life, Fitnastic with MetFlux technology is focusing on four key aspects of care:

  • Preventive Healthcare
  • Individualized Care
  • Precision Nutrition
  • Metabolic Health Assessment & Management

With the use of biological AI, MetFlux becomes a disruptive technology that will help an individual to make more informed and precise healthcare decisions.

Talking about this exciting and ground-breaking collaboration with IIT Bombay, Fitnastic founder Mr. Rishi Nagar says, "MetFlux is a step closer to our goal of improving lives and advancing better-personalized health at an affordable cost to people and society."

Rishi says that he understands that every human is different and it is ethically wrong to fixate a certain practice on a larger group of people "We at Fitnastic understand that every person is different – genetics, environment, lifestyle, and their health needs can vary from the very next individual. We want to eliminate the deep-rooted idea of one-size-fits-all and create tailoring health care for each individual."

What does the future look like? 

Since India is still making space for personalized healthcare and has a long way to go, Rishi concludes by saying, "We have a vision of making healthcare more affordable, accessible, accurate, and sustainable. These are some promises of personalized healthcare that Fitnastic is aiming for through the support of IIT Bombay and MetFlux technology."

The future is AI, and by adding a scientific layer of biological AI, personalized healthcare will serve an individual's health needs without having to go through trial and error methods. Metflux, based on comprehensive research and clinical evidence, is just the tip of the iceberg, Fitnastic aim to address health problems on a larger scale, lower the risk of lifestyle disorders and promote the importance of a healthy and sound mind and body, because health is not a joke and being healthy is not a fantasy.

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