ACSASS writes new history by creating new opportunities in software and its allied sectors.

India has been a significant exporter of software and its related products worldwide. The recent decade has been a glorious period for India regarding information technology and its allied exports. India is the place for the world’s largest IT consultancy company. All these facts reveal that there are innumerable opportunities for software and its allied industries not only in India but also in the world.

ACSASS writes new history by creating new opportunities in software and its allied sectors.

HariKrishnan is the Founder and CEO of ACSASS, a software development and other multi-services company which is based out of Chennai. They're emerging as the leading IT-related services in India. Interestingly they are not confined to one single domain. Instead, they are providing a wide range of services as far as IT and ITES are concerned.

HariKrishnan has vast experience in BPO and IT sector, where he started working right after his studies. He has handled overseas clients and managed more than 150 employees under himself. After working for years, he realized the opportunities in this field. He gauged the minimum Return on Investment he could get if he started his own venture. After a positive outcome, he decided to commence his own business.

In the year 2022, HariKrishnan officially started his new journey with his dream company, ACSASS, in Chennai. It is in the BPO/KPO vertical. But they also provide services that align with the software and marketing solutions. HariKrishnan started his venture with just five members. Now he’s managing more than 80 employees.

He has extended his office to Bangalore. He has got his company registered in Arizona, USA.

Along with BPO and KPO, ACSASS is also into education support services, media support, and software development services. HariKrishnan has the vision to leave a legacy for future generations. His main driving force has been the digital transformation strategy. It has inspired him to move from BPO to a digital solution provider.

ACSASS has state-of-the-art infrastructure and around 100-seater capacity. They are flexible to work in any vertical and time zone of the world. Their proven expertise and excellence lie in providing the best service in terms of customer service, marketing, back-end support, quality, testing, data entry, and supply chain.

They are venturing into new projects based on AI and Machine Learning. Because they fall no behind in capturing the ever-updating market trends and betting on them. These are the booming verticals right now and would shape the future too. Hence, HariKrishnan wants to take the highest advantage of this.

ACSASS has been enjoying a considerable amount of growth. They’re witnessing whopping 20% growth every year, which is phenomenal compared to industry standard. They are surely outplaying their competitors in the industry. Apart from these, their focus has been not only on retaining the existing customer base but also on expanding the customer base. They’re even succeeding through their way.

HariKrishnan wants to contribute considerably to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Keeping roots in BPO his passion is to innovate the various spectrum of business and expand into many untapped branches with a strategy.



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