Wake Up To The Problem Of Hearing Impairment: Says Young Social Entrepreneur Devyansh Misra

In a world where Success often relies on clear communication, whether it's sealing a business deal, nurturing relationships, or achieving personal goals- Hearing clearly and correctly is essential.

Wake Up To The Problem Of Hearing Impairment: Says Young Social Entrepreneur Devyansh Misra

Hearing is about unlocking opportunities, building connections, and thriving in a world driven by meaningful interactions-  So, just imagine what happens to those individuals who find themselves at a disadvantage due to hearing impairments or challenges. Their path to success becomes littered with obstacles as they struggle to understand instructions and engage in effective dialogue or communication, leading them to a world of isolation.

Devyansh Misra is a young entrepreneur who understands these challenges like no other, being associated with Starkey Hearing Foundation as a volunteer from an early age. Devyansh was part of the Guinness Book Of World Records team, which created history by testing and fitting 4,840 patients with hearing aids in only eight hours on October 26, 2018, in Pune, India, under the NGO’s patronage.

“I have been working in this sector close to a decade and feel it lacks the public consciousness or apathy it deserves,” says Devyansh. “People who can't hear often speak less because of fear of judgment or being made fun of; this pushes them to seclusion, leading to depression and anxiety. Moreover, hearing impairment creates a cascade of effects like low self-esteem and fear of interaction, and, in worst cases, may lead to heart disease ( due to a decline of cognitive functions) or diabetics.”

As a young and successful entrepreneur, Devyansh has always tried to contribute to social causes, and hearing impairment is a cause close to his heart. Today, he leads a dedicated team of eight at the Swaroop Charitable Foundation ( a body dedicated to catering to the underprivileged with hearing defects) as a project manager. There are around twenty part-time workers involved in the cause, and on special event days, around two hundred volunteers are brought in to give shape to the magnanimous testing, diagnosis, and fitting process. So far, the Swaroop Charitable Foundation has distributed hearing aids worth approximately 35 million dollars.

On typical mission days, 500-600 beneficiaries are tested, treated, and fitted with hearing aids from the charitable organization. They also focus on optimizing funds through negotiations with vendors and caterers while maintaining a well-organized database of over 120,000 recipients. In addition, the foundation provides vital counseling and follow-up services to ensure the well-being of those they assist.

As per WHO estimates, approximately 63 million people in India suffer from Significant Auditory Impairment. 
“I wish to build a consciousness in society to treat this problem more seriously. Due to a lack of awareness and the obvious reason for financial challenges, most cases of hearing impairment go undiagnosed or untreated; a more open approach and early diagnosis of the problem can lead to better results and save precious time,” feels Devyansh.

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