Vocational counselling is redefined by Goutam Mandal's holistic rediscovery.

The world is transforming so rapidly that the sole determinant of your life is your work. The development of technology has resulted in numerous inventions that make life simpler. This finally led to an abundance of professional alternatives. Yet, one requires competent assistance to make this decision based on one's passion in the specific subject and market demand. Career counsellors assist in assisting individuals from selecting the best job path to building their lives around it.

Vocational counselling is redefined by Goutam Mandal's holistic rediscovery.

Goutam Mandal, a well-known career counsellor who hails from Kolkata, is making an effort to direct students and members of the younger generation down the road that will be most beneficial to them. Not only does he try to assist children in coping with examinations, but he also works to assist them in achieving their full potential in life through his brand, Holistic Rediscovery. In addition to this, he assists in enhancing children's mental health and cultivating positive energy in them. According to him, all students should make an effort to participate in the Career Counseling that is offered. According to a survey by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the rate of suicide among students accounted for 5.2% of all suicides during the years 1995 and 1999. However, by 2020, this figure had risen to 8.2%. According to a survey, the younger generation in India, which encompasses people aged 15 to 29, is the country's greatest population; despite this, approximately 28 students take their own lives every single day.

Before starting his own business, Goutam worked as a statistician and researched the consequences of students failing in their academic and professional endeavours, as well as the negative impact this had on future generations. He started working with his team to educate and guide the children in an effort to reduce the number of students who committed suicide.

Goutam is of the opinion that in order to ensure the happiness and success of one's offspring, one must instill in them positive behaviours from an early age. Bringing more joy and colour into one's life is a helpful way to achieve success and make an impact. Hence, in order to adapt to the changes that will occur in the not-too-distant future, one must have a comprehensive understanding of a career and all of its subfields.

Goutam began his professional life as an employee of a corporation, and he has extensive experience working for multinational corporations. He has substantial experience in the fields of information technology, process automation, and knowledge management, with more than 21 years of combined work in these areas. Because of his love and passion for assisting young people in reaching their full potential, he gradually developed an interest in life and career counselling. He made up his mind to inform and enlighten people, particularly children, about the various career paths that are open to them within the context of our existing system of education. In relation to the topic at hand, he has led a number of lectures and workshops.

In 2017, Goutam made the official launch of his career counselling company, which is called Holistic Rediscovery.

His education at the University of California, Los Angeles earned him the Green Belt Certification, which qualifies him as a qualified career counsellor. In addition to that, he is a practitioner of NLP and positive psychology. In addition to that, he is currently serving on India's Counselors Council as a member.

Goutam is of the opinion that it is not sufficient to merely direct students towards selecting the appropriate professional path for them. It is vital to bring about a change for the better in their habits, as well as positively in their activities and their lives in general. A person needs correct and comprehensive guidance in order to achieve success in the line of work that they have chosen. This is accomplished through Holistic Rediscovery in a multi-stage process that includes the formulation of paths, the development of a study plan, and the establishment of milestones through which they can monitor their progress. In addition to this, they are also offering a test series to students in order to assist them in selecting the appropriate professional path.

Goutam Mandal's Holistic Rediscovery is exerting a lot of effort to bring about a positive change in society. This is because proper direction and an organised approach are essential components of a successful existence. Goutam's objective, which he pursues through his company Holistic Rediscovery, is to alter the way in which people in society chose careers and to educate people on the significance of understanding themselves.

Holistic Rediscovery's long-term goal is to ensure that people all across the world have access to knowledge about available jobs. In addition to this, they wish for their brand to be one that encourages and enlivens the aspirations of next generations.

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