Touchstone Infotech Pioneering Innovation in Digital Solutions for Small Businesses

Touchstone Infotech, founded by Prashant Rajput in 2013, pioneers innovative digital solutions for small businesses and startups. With a focus on personalized IT services, the company thrives on collaboration and excellence, overcoming obstacles to deliver high-quality outcomes. Notable projects include gamified learning platforms and AI-powered systems. Their forthcoming WhatsApp cloud API inbox reflects their commitment to staying ahead in the digital landscape.

Touchstone Infotech Pioneering Innovation in Digital Solutions for Small Businesses


In the bustling landscape of startups and small businesses, Touchstone Infotech shines as a beacon of innovation and transformative digital solutions. Founded by Prashant Rajput in 2013, this dynamic company has carved a niche for itself by understanding the unique challenges faced by emerging enterprises and offering tailor-made IT solutions.

Catering to Small Businesses and Startups:

Touchstone Infotech specializes in providing complete IT solutions for small businesses and startups. Recognizing the distinctive needs of these entities, the company goes beyond conventional services to empower them to become industry trendsetters. With a keen focus on personalized attention and innovative strategies, Touchstone Infotech helps its clients push boundaries and realize their visions.

A Brief History:

Established with a vision to reshape the IT and digital marketing landscape, Touchstone Infotech has steadily evolved since its inception. Founded by a group of IT enthusiasts, the company prioritizes customer-focused services and innovation. Over the years, it has garnered trust and accolades, expanding its reach globally and establishing a dedicated customer service hub in Bangalore in 2019.

Workplace Ambitions and Expectations:

In the workplace, the company emphasizes delivering superior work that surpasses expectations. Employees are encouraged to focus on continuous professional growth and contribute to a collaborative culture. Touchstone Infotech values performance and contribution, offering advancement opportunities based on merit.

Team Asset:

The greatest asset of Touchstone Infotech is its cohesive team, driven by a collective passion for collaboration and excellence. With diverse expertise and perspectives, the team tackles challenges creatively and cultivates breakthrough solutions, ultimately delivering high-quality outcomes for clients.

Career Journey and Motivation:

Prashant Rajput's journey is marked by a commitment to continuous learning and staying on the cutting edge of technology. His motivation to start Touchstone Infotech stemmed from a desire to revolutionize digital connectivity and empower businesses with innovative solutions.

Overcoming Obstacles:

Launching innovative projects hasn't been without its challenges for Touchstone Infotech. From securing initial capital to competing with established giants, the company has navigated obstacles with resilience and a sharp focus on unique value propositions.

Innovative Projects:

Among the standout projects, Touchstone Infotech led the creation of a gamified learning platform for a corporate client, blending advanced learning technologies with user-centric design. Another notable project involved developing an AI-powered Learning Management System to personalize online education.

Unique Offerings and Future Innovations:

Touchstone Infotech stands out in the market by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance efficiency and user experiences. A forthcoming innovation includes a WhatsApp cloud API inbox tailored for small businesses, showcasing the company's commitment to staying ahead of the curve.


As Touchstone Infotech continues to push boundaries and pioneer innovation in the digital realm, Prashant Rajput and his team remain steadfast in their commitment to empowering small businesses and startups. With a focus on collaboration, excellence, and personalized solutions, the company is poised to shape the future of digital business landscape.

Contact Information:

- Website: Touchstone Infotech

- LinkedIn: Prashant Rajput 

In conclusion, Touchstone Infotech epitomizes the spirit of innovation and resilience, embodying the essence of entrepreneurship in the digital age.

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