Through her natural health and wellness care brand, BS Sahana becomes a leading entrepreneur.

The pace of marketing has been so rapid that hundreds of new products are being introduced to the market. Today, health and wellness products are so popular that it is difficult for individuals to choose the best solution to their problems. When consumers have a thorough understanding of the products they use, their belief and trust in the brand grows.

Through her natural health and wellness care brand, BS Sahana becomes a leading entrepreneur.
AE Naturals is a brand in the healthcare industry that creates natural goods for the purpose of promoting health and wellness. This brand, which has its roots in Bangalore and was established by BS Sahana in 2013, is rapidly becoming well-known throughout the entirety of India. Amazing Enterprises, the main firm, operates under the brand name AE Naturals as its subsidiary. Their goods don't have any negative side effects, yet they still have thousands of clients utilising them.
Producing neem oil was the initial step that Sahana took in launching her business. The creation of this brand was inspired by an everyday occurrence in Sahana's life that took place around the same time. She attended Sheshadripuram College in Bangalore and graduated with a bachelor's degree there. Sahana followed her mother's instructions and went to the market to get neem oil so that she could use it on her hair. But it was time-consuming since she had difficulty locating neem oil in the store where she shopped. Even though she eventually located it, it was in poor condition when she did. She was conscious that some people would not be familiar with neem oil, which would mean that a product of sufficient quality might not be readily available. Therefore, she reasoned that the best option would be to purchase it directly from the manufacturer.
But what she witnessed at the workplace shocked her to her core. Neem was utilised to extract all of its beneficial components, which were then included into the production of a wide variety of goods for international sale. The unused oil was going to be sold on the market under the brand name neem oil. As a result, the quality of this neem oil would suffer since its inherent natural characteristics would be removed during the extraction process. Sahana also discovered that individuals have little understanding about the types of naturally accessible medical goods and have adapted to utilising the low-quality oil. This was another thing that she learnt.
Because of this, Sahana decided to bring the highest possible quality neem oil to the public. As a result, she distilled some neem oil and began sharing information about it both inside her intimate group of friends and on other social media sites. Because of this, her product became well-known and drew a large number of customers. The product didn't immediately have an effect on the customers, but with time it did. They started telling Sahana their issues, and they sought her for advice on how to solve them.
Sahana also spoke with her well-known Ayurvedic doctor the possibility of looking into ways to tailor the production of wellness and healthcare items to the specifications of individual clients. Therefore, she proceeded with caution before to providing what her consumers requested. As a consequence of this, and following an extensive amount of study and research, Sahana introduced more than one hundred goods to AE Naturals that are beneficial to one's health and general well-being.
Sahana started her business all by herself, from the comfort of her own home, and she did not have any employees to assist her. As of this moment, she has been responsible for the employment of more than fifty persons through AE Naturals. Amazing Enterprises gets its name from the natural world, which is awe-inspiring and contains countless healing plants throughout its depths for people's wellbeing. The firm was named after the natural world. Therefore, Amazing Enterprises Naturals are also referred to as AE Naturals. Therefore, she decided that it would be an appropriate name for it.
Products made by AE Naturals may be purchased from every significant e-commerce company today. Additionally, they have special retail outlets where you can get any and all sorts of natural items. You'll find all of their items in here section. In addition to that, beginning in August of 2022, they will begin offering franchises to those who are interested in opening stores that sell just their unique brands.
Sahana's motivations for starting this company go well beyond only seeking financial gain for herself. She hopes that more people would learn about the ayurvedic treatments and natural items that are the most effective. As a result, she came to the conclusion that each shop should offer complimentary consultations with Ayurvedic medical professionals.
The AE Naturals shop provides its clients with a centralised location from which they may purchase high-caliber goods. They have only just established a variety of new categories, each of which provides a salon and parlour assortment of supplies. Their company is able to provide customers with access to face kits, pedicure kits, and manicure tools and supplies. They have worked along with a number of different brands in order to provide the very best for its patrons. They are in the process of developing a pushing board for other items where they will be able to access the enormous client base that AE Naturals has developed. They are also striving towards expansion by supporting other products on their app and in their physical stores by providing those other brands with useful knowledge.
Customers are the most important thing about AE Naturals. Every one of their goods is created with the goal of enhancing both their well-being and their health. The substances that are utilised are of superior grade. They are looking to cultivate a healthy relationship with their clientele. Their relationship managers put in a lot of effort to learn about the challenges faced by their customers and provide the most effective answers to those challenges. In addition to that, they provide their clients with regular educational programming led by their industry specialists, with the goal of educating their consumers on how to improve both their health and their happiness. They also give away free items to low-income folks who are unable to buy their other offerings.
Up to this point, Sahana has been successful in growing her company to the point where they have provided services to more than 50,000 satisfied consumers located all across the country. They have the goal of establishing a store in each and every assembly constituency in addition to continuing to grow their brand. They are also offering franchise opportunities to anyone that are interested, which will allow them to maximise their revenue potential. AE Naturals is committed to developing a more sustainable society via the utilisation of native natural products for enhanced performance.

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