Tizola| Revolutionizing the food delivery by tech ecosystem, Nurtured by care love and affection – Chandamana foundation

Tizola is India's first ISO-certified Food Delivery App. Suresh Balusu says he was inspired by Ramoji Rao Garu and Tippineni Ramadasappa Naidu. The company aims to provide customers with the most professional, fast, and dependable service. Tizola is a food delivery service that connects restaurants with their customers. Tizola has been selected as one of the most promising food-related companies in 2021.

Tizola| Revolutionizing the food delivery by tech ecosystem, Nurtured by care love and affection – Chandamana foundation

TIZOLA is a fast-growing online food ordering portal. Tizola will accept individual or group orders, process payments both online & offline, and trigger delivery of the prepared food to a designated location for Restaurant owners. The company's mission is to provide valued customers with the most professional, fast, and dependable, and technologically advanced delivery service from surrounding restaurants. Which is India’s First ISO-certified Food Delivery App. Its legal Entity is Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), Recognized by India under Startup India Scheme and also registered under the MSME scheme.

Food Tech has approximately 8.6K+ startups that are businesses that prepare and distribute food and beverages using Internet-based technology. This comprises firms that provide services such as online platforms for discovering, developing, and publishing food-related content, as well as SaaS-based solutions for aggregating and publishing food-related material.n India, Most of the fast-food demand comes from the age group 18-40 years. What’s more, by the year 2025 the Indian middle-class demographic is expected to touch 550 million. Tizola promises to create employment opportunities for the unemployed also. In Earlier days, Fast food items are available only in metropolitan cities. But as of now, there was huge demand by the old and young generation being attracted towards ordering food from the restaurants even in small villages, rural towns & cities with more people using smartphones, an increase in literacy and access to the Internet, the fortunes waiting to be reaped from the business of home delivery was just a click away.

Suresh Balusu says I am inspired by Ramoji Rao Garu the founder of ramoji groups and Tippineni Ramadasappa Naidu founder chairmen of mudhra cooperative agri society are my role model who inspired me to become a successful entrepreneur. I have learned a lot while working in their organization. Suresh Balusu was supported and guided by family and friends and his one best mentor to whom he gives credit for the successful year of Tizola is my friend Chandamama.


Entrepreneurship is not an easy task nowadays; he too faced a lot of struggle. But he never loses hope; Suresh has overcome every situation with teamwork. After launching Tizola the Franchisee model in the rural market was launched. It is an easy way to start a business with less investment Tizola franchisees are also providing all branding and publicity material to franchisers with the promotional kit they can easily create social impact in the market with a few days’ only restaurants onboarding and digital marketing provided by company side. From the customer point of view, the app is built in such a way that it is User friendly to all age groups. Now from the restaurant's point of view, we see that some of the food delivery services are paying the funds to the restaurants on a weekly basis or they may take around 10 days to pay back the funds for the orders delivered from the restaurants. But here the Tizola is paying the amount to the restaurants in few hours after the food has been delivered. The commission rates are also low at Tizola. Some of the delivery service providers are charging extra money from the customer by charging more for the same food which costs less at the restaurant and giving them in the form of offers. But here in TIZOLA, they are delivering the food at the same cost that the restaurant charges (according to their menu cards). They are also providing genuine offers on the food that is ordered by customers. Tizola is waving off the delivery fee according to the amount of the order.


SURESH BALUSU the founder and CEO of Tizola the idea was to connect Restaurant owners with their customers. He is having 9+ years of experience in print media, banking, NGO and decided to start his own Food Tech Start-up. He is young & enthusiastic and always looks for innovative ways to increase customers and business. He has also started the company named AMENITY FOODS in 2018; Mahesh Karnati and Balusu Rajesh are the co-founders of Tizola. They are having six years of experience in the Marketing, Insurance, and Hotel industries. Their valuable suggestions are very much impacted in the victory of Tizola.

They introduced food delivery service first time in few cities With Tizola. Tizola is having 8000+ downloads and tills now delivered 13000+ orders to their valuable customers within few months. Tizola is selected and announced as “most promising food-related companies 2021” by the leading business magazine SwiftNlift.

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The main principle of the company is to work with the team Tizola. Not to work under anyone, to work for yourself for your company. Work together with Tizola

The company is working to establish a social impact by creating employment for both unemployed males and females who are willing to be self-employed the main motive is to provide service to small restaurants that can expand their business online without any cost. Hundreds of restaurants are being registered with TIZOLA and many more will be registered soon, which ensures each customer will get a wide range of food and can choose favorite food from nearby restaurants. In Few months Tizola has reached 15+cities preparing to expand all over INDIA in a couple of years. 


SURESH BALUSU states that ‘I believe the team what I have and the way of our teamwork together in making good decisions. Some of our friends & family believe the success of Tizola before started. I am always thankful to them.


The company has started the social service organization Named CHANDAMAMA FOUNDATION

They will open food donation centers under the CHANDAMAMA charity. In Tizola cities, there is a refrigerator. When businesses and individuals have an excess of food, they can request that it be placed in a refrigerator at the food donation center It will be utilized to help people who are hungry. Every few seconds, a child in our country dies of starvation.

The team has distributed 4200+ free meals to covid affected poor people along with free medicine and oxygen concentrators for needy people.


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