Bring out your kid's hidden talents with "The SOUL

'The SOUL by 'The Psyche - God within' will reveal your children's genuine potential. THE IMPORTANCE OF UNLEARNING THE CONVENTIONAL EDUCATIONAL OR BELIEF SYSTEM VIA 'THE SOUL - The School Of Universal Love'

Bring out your kid's hidden talents with "The SOUL

We are all far too focused on the external world in our contemporary era, and as a result, we are oblivious to the fact that there is a non-physical, inner dimension that resides within each of us that we are ignorant of. Nevertheless, that non-materialist shape governs all of our unconscious actions to some degree. The 'School of Universal Love' would be an artificial intelligence integrated, psychoanalytic, and a totally online pedagogical platform. It would fall under the umbrella concept of 'The Psyche - God Within.' Specifically for kids between the ages of 3 and 13 years old. There would be both a game-based curriculum and a compendium of psychoanalytical activities, both of which would be remarkably close to the experiences that we have had in our real lives. These simulated interactions will educate children by motivating them to search for the answers they need within themselves. As a consequence of this, the children who use our platform will be better able to identify their life's genuine calling and purpose.

Now, let's have a look at the amazing person who is responsible for writing 'The Psyche - God within' and 'The SOUL.' Who was responsible for the revolutionary upheaval that occurred in the educational system. Born and raised in Kerala, he served in the military in the past and brings a plethora of experience and knowledge to the table.

Nivin Ravi is from the Indian state of Kerala and served as a Technical Officer in the Indian Air Force. The founder of "The Psyche - God Within," an online well-being platform, in addition to "The Terrasand - The Finest Building Partner" and "The Haqq - In the Name of Justice," a law company, Here the Saga Doesn't End The creator of "The Psyche - God Within" an online well-being platform. "Nostaad - Connecting the unconnected," it says on the website. - Media and Advisory firm, 'Nostaheaven - The centre of bliss' (An AI integrated Open shopping centre and retail entertainment Centre), and also the Managing Director of the Aidan Group.

Since he was a little boy, he has had the desire to contribute positively to society, which stems from his upbringing in a family that is representative of the middle class. Because he needed additional preparation for the Civil Service exam, he used to attend tutoring programmes for students in lower grades while he was also studying for it. After completing his secondary education, he was fortunate enough to be recruited by the Indian Air Force as a technician. He enlisted in the Air Force while also continuing his study with the goal of earning the maximum number of educational credentials feasible. He persisted in pursuing his goal of working for the government. Unfortunately, he was unable to get beyond the barrier.

After he retired in May of 2018, he established the M/s Aidan Group. His first project was a Mining and Construction material manufacturing project in Kasargod District, which is located in Kerala. He started up this company in the northern part of Kerala. He intended to build his own digital smart township, complete with houses for average people that was not out of their price range. He reasoned that if he owned his own construction material factory, it would be simpler for him to construct low-cost buildings while simultaneously allowing him to generate more income for himself. Over the course of the previous four years, he has been working hard toward the goal of acquiring mining permits. He has been granted clearance from the environmental authorities. A substantial amount of money, including deposits directed by the government, has been invested for the purpose of achieving this. As a direct consequence of the huge financial responsibility he bears toward this endeavour, he now carries a substantial amount of outstanding debt.

Obtaining clearances in this day and age is a difficult nut to crack. Since he obtained the licence for this project, certain powerful lobbies, including some well-known personalities in politics and administration, have been putting up hurdles because this business has the potential to generate a significant amount of profit. He made a number of attempts to convince them by referring to the amount of effort he had put into this company. However, the final result of disobeying such commandments is not mentioned anywhere in this passage. They took advantage of his precarious financial circumstances as well as his general lack of protection. In the past three years, he has been through a lot, including being separated from his own family as a direct result of the filth and mayhem that has been described. These ordeals had the effect of completely shattering him on the inside. But despite this, something within him kindled a fire of zeal and compelled him to investigate the source of these afflictions.

He started out with Greek, then moved on to Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Psychology, and even modern Physics and science. He read virtually all of the religious and scientific works he could find. In the end, he came to the conclusion that there is no need to search for the reason somewhere other than within ourselves, as "the core of all troubles hides deep within each and every one of us." From that vantage position, he was able to see the light in front of him as well as the entire purpose of his existence. That marked the beginning of his new journey, which he referred to as "The SOUL - The School of Universal Love."

And with that inner calling, he overcame all of those challenges with a smile that never left his face, and he is carrying on with his life's work with full swing.....

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