Youtube Channel of an Indian Physician Guiding the Path of Women's Health and Lifestyle: Dr. Surabhi Solanki

Women's health and pregnancy are major concerns since they are influenced by both biological norms and cultural mores. A woman's reproductive system, being the cornerstone of the entire family, requires her to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Every month, a woman's body goes through a whole hormonal cycle, so it's especially important for her to take good care of her mind and body at this time.

Youtube Channel of an Indian Physician Guiding the Path of Women's Health and Lifestyle: Dr. Surabhi Solanki

Dr. Surabhi Solanki, a 42-year-old Indian YouTuber who is based in Haldwani, Uttarakhand, has been playing a key role in shaping the journey of pregnant women by guiding them through her videos and other content on the subject of approaching motherhood. She has a channel on YouTube under the username "Dr. Surabhi Solanki." Because becoming a mother in and of itself is a time of discovery and comes with its own unique set of problems, she makes this transition phase, which lasts for nine months, simpler to navigate through her channel.

She also produces movies about various methods of birth control since she is convinced that educating couples about the many available options for preventing pregnancy is a must in today's society. Unwanted pregnancies and subsequent abortions as a result of not using contraception or the incorrect or inconsistent use of it are one of the major problems that she felt needed to be addressed, and the fact that her content on these topics has garnered thousands of views is a reflection of this. [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [Citation needed] [

Dr. Surabhi is of the opinion that the demonetization of her videos on abortion was a major setback for her in the beginning, and she strongly believes that every woman has the right to decide for herself on matters concerning pregnancy and whether or not she wants to continue the same or not. Because of this, she is of the opinion that the demonetization of her videos was a major setback for her in the beginning. She goes on to say that because it is her own body, no one else, not her family, nor the government, and certainly not the law, has the right to coerce her into complying with this need in any way.

One of her online chats with a woman from Canada, who she had never met in person but with whom she had become friends, served as the impetus for her to launch her own channel on YouTube. As soon as Dr. Surabhi learned that her friend intended to launch a channel on YouTube and that she planned to assist her in doing so, she began watching videos on YouTube that provided instruction on how to launch a channel on YouTube. Dr. Surabhi was inspired to launch her own YouTube channel in March of 2020 after her colleague shared a number of films like this with her. Within two months, she reached the milestone of one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time on her channel.

After launching her channel, she quickly amassed over one million subscribers in the space of just nine months, and the number has been steadily increasing ever since then. When Dr. Surabhi talks about how close her channel is getting to reaching the milestone of 5 lakh subscribers in a single month, she does so with the biggest amount of pride.

After years of experience in this field, Dr. Surabhi feels the need to address the issue of setting up birth control centres. She respectfully requests the Ministry of Women and Child Development as well as the honourable Prime Minister of the country, Sri Narendra Modi, to take a step forward to connect the nexus between advocating for women's rights and welfare and Beti bachao and Beti padhao by addressing India's urgent need for separate birth control centres in all towns.

She urges that the matter be taken seriously because such facilities, which are provided in the government women's hospitals in the districts, are already overburdened with the routine work of childbirth and the treatment of women's diseases. Specifically, she is referring to the fact that the government women's hospitals in the districts are already at capacity. In this regard, the establishment of a distinct birth control centre in each and every town will have many advantages. These advantages include educating women on the method of contraception that is most likely to be successful for them in light of their unique circumstances and supplying a secure environment for young women or girls who require abortions.

Dr. Surabhi Solanki credits her father, the Honorable Justice Prafulla C. Pant, a former judge of the Supreme Court of India, with instilling the qualities of honesty and sincerity in her. Dr. Solanki says that her father is the reason for her success. She recalls that when she was just fifteen years old, the Bhagavad Gita was given to her, and she was instructed on the need of concentrating on one's own karma and giving the rest of one's life up to God. She thinks that by adhering to these principles, she would be able to motivate others and maintain her position as a leader in the movement to make the world a more secure place for women and to facilitate their progress through life.

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