The survivor; 6-time fighting cancer the brave cancer survivor’s story- Jayant Kandoi

Jayant Kandoi had faced sixth-time cancer in the last 9 years at different parts of his body. Doctors admit that he is the only person who has fought these challenges several times in India. He knows that surviving cancer is amazing, but thriving with cancer is even better.

The survivor; 6-time fighting cancer the brave cancer survivor’s story- Jayant Kandoi

Surviving cancer is anything but easy. It could be the most difficult thing you've ever attempted. Those who have done it more than time may attest to the fact that it never gets any easier. That’s because every cancer diagnosis is unique and challenging. Jayant Kandoi knows this because he had faced sixth-time cancer in the last 9 years at different parts of his body and once again he was battling cancer for the sixth time in 2020. He knows that surviving cancer is amazing, but thriving with cancer is even better. And it’s possible. Learning day by day to live while you feeling like you’re dying is an extraordinary feat.

We all know that cancer isn't all rainbows and butterflies, and it can be difficult to break free once a patient has fallen into negative thoughts. But most of us have that one hope and inspiration that somehow manages to help bring some perspective and optimism to a situation.

Jayant Kandoi 23 years old boy warrior from cancer 6th time in the past 9 years and doctors admit that he is the only person who fought from these challenges several times in India he has powerful affirmation which gave him a sense of meaning and identity when coping with cancer treatment.

He just came in class 10th in 2013, like every student is excited when they are promoted to the next class, similarly, Jayant was super excited suddenly he started feeling pain in his neck and went to see a doctor after several tests he was diagnosed that he is suffering from Hodgkin's lymphoma (a form of cancer) the world of Jayant seems to turn upside down Worries immediately sets in and overwhelmed by questions like:

  • Will I need chemotherapy?
  • Will I lose my hair?
  • Will radiation hurt or burn?
  • Will I need surgery?
  • Will I be allowed to continue working during my treatment?
  • Will I be able to care for my family and myself?
  • Will I die?


“I wasn't sure I could drive home safely the first time I was so scared. I went into a four-day panic. But, after that, I learned to accept my diagnosis, determined to not just live but also thrive in the face of my illness”. He stated.


He was shifted to Bhagwan Mahavir Cancer hospital where doctors have given him twelve times chemotherapy, the challenge for him was his exams and the treatment still gave exams and holds the top position in CBSE Boards exams. In 2015, he was having final exams of class 11th he visited his doctor to report severe pain on the left side of his neck; he suspected his cancer had returned. He immediately went to Tata Memorial Kolkata, and the doctor gave him 60 radiotherapies, he again scored 89% in class 11th it was hard to come up with academics as the trauma of cancer was something that kept on messing and still, he holds a position in class 12th. He came to Delhi University to pursue B.Com Hons while studying he came up with an idea and launched his startup he had to drop at the time of his 1st-year final exams and handover his startup to another partner, in April 2017 he went to the hospital due to extreme pain in his stomach and he suspected again it was cancer but this time it was in his stomach it can be only cured by incision of 9 inches but then he went to SMS hospital and then doctors used binoculars to prevent cancer and took some medicines, which helped him for 2 years.

He believes that "There is no medicine for every disease; Sometimes prayers are accepted Life doesn't stop everywhere it’s just a matter of passion."

He continued his studies during treatment, parallel starting an NGO named City Start Club to which he committed to help other cancer patients. Here’s how he learned to thrive with cancer.

In starting of 2019, the pancreas and at the end of December he got lumps in his hand and kept for obsession, prevented by some medicines and chemotherapy. Again in 2020 his suffered and then went for bone marrow transplantation. With god’s grace, he is now pursuing MBA and he has shared his experience within his book where he also mentioned those scary words and life experiences which he had faced six times in his life and how he had overcome and continued to work with City Start Club NGO. Now he has a team of 200 peoples working in his NGO and it rarely feels like a massive triumph or things that ‘warriors’ are made of.

When all other options had been exhausted, he remembered this: You haven't. —Thomas Edison. Keep searching for what you're looking for. You will find it.


“All I have to say is that I am a fighter, not a warrior. I fought cancer and continue to. And for everyone out there who is battling cancer, I’d say if I could do it, you could too. I had no money, no support, and no contacts when I started out, but look at me now; I'm living life to the fullest. What's holding you back?” asks Jayant, who has also aided people in their most desperate situations.

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