Surya Narayan Yadav: Providing you Process Control Instrumentation and Solutions

“Mistakes are more expensive when avoided” Maintaining measurement and control in manufacturing processes contributes to a company's overall performance. But it's easier said than done. Overseeing the regulation of a wide range of procedures can be quite difficult. This is where the use of process control instrumentation comes into play. Using the process control technologies at your disposal effectively can allow you and your company's production processes to achieve the measurable growth you've been looking for.

Surya Narayan Yadav: Providing you Process Control Instrumentation and Solutions

Surya Narayan Yadav is a technical expert in the field and a founder member of PI Controls, Process Controls & Measuring Instruments. Since 2017, Surya worked in a comparable field. After that, he realized he wanted to build his own production plant, so he filed for a business license in 2018. Because he has a lot of experience in both technical and commercial elements. He decided to put in all of his work for himself and his brand. He started this company in 2018 that served a wide range of process applications and requirements, including Pressure gauges and switches, temperature gauges and switches, RTD and thermocouple, instrumentation fittings, valves, and manifolds, also other specialized process automation applications.

PI controls recognize that your goal is to run a lucrative, safe, and long-term business. They provide industry- and technology-specific expertise to assist you to overcome your process automation difficulties and achieve your objectives. The set of services can help you achieve your plant and enterprise-wide objectives while also safeguarding your automation investment.
It's not always easy to pinpoint the problems with your processes and equipment that are causing your productivity to suffer. You may require more objective input at times. More than just advice is provided through our consultation and integration services. They provide detailed, recorded information aimed at improving efficiency and lowering expenses.

Your production timeline, budget, and uptime requirements are all unique. Shouldn't your service strategy be as distinct? PI control has the foundation upon which you can create highly customized service agreements. This annual support agreement combines our world-class skills into a service and support procedure suited to your unique needs, ensuring that your systems stay up and operating. The few major services parts available on-site, support for applications, engineers in residence, evaluations of the network, and preventative maintenance are important.


Pressure Gauges & Switches- In a plant, pressure gauges and switches are among the most commonly utilized instruments. However, because of their large quantity, maintenance, and thus reliability, it can be jeopardized. As a result, many gauges and switches in older plants are likely to be out of operation. This is bad because if a plant is run with a faulty pressure switch, the facility's safety could be jeopardized. If a plant can run safely even while a gauge is broken, that means the gauge was never needed in the first place.

Switches & Temperature Gauges- Temperature switches are employed in a wide range of industrial and technological activities. When a predetermined temperature is attained, the temperature switch opens or closes the associated switch contact. Mechanical or electrical switches might be employed depending on the requirements. Their comprehensive product line includes air velocity meters and frost protection thermostats, in addition to electronic and bimetal temperature switches.

Thermocouples- Thermocouples are temperature sensors that produce a voltage that can be read to identify the local temperature by combining two distinct metals in the sensor. In order to give alternative calibrations with varying temperature ranges and sensor characteristics, multiple metal combinations can be employed in the construction of thermocouples.

Manifolds- Several manifolds are specifically intended to be attached to a pressure transmitter. They are often constructed of stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloys. Manifolds can be an excellent substitute for multivalve systems. Manifolds are frequently utilized in industries like oil and gas, chemicals, wastewater, and power. They aid in the measurement of static, variable, gauge, and differential pressures.

Surya’s efforts made the company flourish and turnover of the company is increasing every year showing regular growth from 23 lakhs in 2019 to 80 Lakhs currently. As a manufacturer and supplier of process controls and measuring instruments, they provide high-quality goods that meet national and international standards and are delivered quickly thanks to their outstanding customer service team.

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