Subhash Mangalam, a renowned digital marketing trainer and consultant, can help you expand your business.

The internet has revolutionised corporate marketing on a worldwide scale and ushered in a new wave of change through social media presence building. The notion of digital marketing functions as a growth catalyst by developing a brand's online presence and generating the necessary interaction by concentrating on the target demographic.

Subhash Mangalam, a renowned digital marketing trainer and consultant, can help you expand your business.

It also facilitates an effortless interaction process with customers while increasing sales manifold. Thus, implementation of this fundamental aspect of levelling up one’s business requires one to make an informed decision with the help of a trained consultant and professional. Hyderabad-based and 39 years old, Subhash Mangalam is an exceptionally skilled digital marketing trainer and consultant who has established himself in this domain.

Subhash Mangalam began his journey by launching his YouTube channel, ODMT (, in the year 2015 to help students with revision classes. Soon after, his videos started getting widespread viewership generating heavy traffic from other countries as well. This motivated Subhash Mangalam and added to his zeal to help more and more students clear their concepts and train them in digital marketing. He regularly started uploading more content videos relating to the strategies of digital marketing, which enabled even beginners to understand the dynamics and grasp the concept easily.

Through his YouTube channel, ODMT, Subhash is playing a significant role in the process of empowering young people, small business owners, and digital marketing agencies by providing them with a free digital marketing course. This has not only resulted in a major transformation by assisting in the increase of business sales and revenue, but it has also enabled a number of students to become financially independent by assisting them in finding jobs.

He has uploaded over three hundred videos in addition to case studies that cover every facet of digital marketing. Because of how approachable and direct Subhash is in his classroom, he has pupils coming to him from all over the world, including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and the United States of America. This is what makes all the difference. According to Subhash, enthusiasts can learn something new every day through his free course on digital marketing and update their basic skill set to become a successful marketing executive or a freelancer in the most cost-effective method possible. In addition to providing students with free training, Subhash also offers students guidance through the use of online courses on digital marketing at These courses are offered at prices that are inexpensive and come with a 100% employment guarantee.

Subhash takes the utmost pride in stating that to this day, he has successfully trained more than five thousand students who have been placed in responsible positions, and that his YouTube channel has been effectively serving various digital marketing agencies, as well as small business owners, with suitable solutions for their day-to-day operations. Subhash's accomplishments in this area have earned him the title of "Master Trainer."

His clientele pool includes over twenty customers in the United States and Australia, many of which are involved in e-commerce ventures and who have reaped tremendous rewards as a direct result of his competence. His customers were able to double their monthly revenue, going from $20,000 to $50,000, as a direct result of the techniques he developed. In addition to this, it has been discovered that the majority of the websites belonging to his clients rank higher in the United States than either Amazon or Walmart. Subhash asserts with self-assurance that he was able to extend his professional network through word of mouth referrals from his satisfied customers, who in turn brought in additional customers for him to service.

In addition to this, Subhash is in charge of the most successful cosmetic e-commerce brand in the United States, and he has acquired a significant amount of knowledge as a result of providing support to the most successful mobility scooter brand in Australia. At the moment, he works as a trainer for some of India's most prominent educational technology businesses, including Simplilearn, Great Learning, and Unacademy. Subhash has the goal of educating an increasing number of people on digital marketing because he is convinced that the widespread use of technology has made it the most powerful domain emerging globally. He also believes that this will ensure the development of the necessary skills for landing a lucrative job.

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