Interview: Mukesh Mamtora – Entrepreneur & CEO of Adv Media, Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency

In India, one digital marketing agency is started every day, and thus creating a place in such a market is damn competitive. But just like the way every shining stone is not a diamond, similarly, not every digital marketing agency is ADVMEDIA. Today, here we have its founder and CEO, Mr. Mukesh. Today we will talk to him and understand how he achieved this. What problems came in his way, and what kept him going. So let us begin.

Interview: Mukesh Mamtora – Entrepreneur & CEO of Adv Media, Digital Marketing and Web Design Agency

Tell us a little about yourself, Mukesh.


Self-motivation plays a key role when reaching for a big goal.


And that's what happened; it wasn't luck or fortune. It was merely my dedication and focused on accomplishing my dream goal. 


Starting a company in Digital Marketing was yet another challenge that I took and successfully made it to one of the best digital marketing agencies in Mumbai. Yes, I am Mukesh Mamtora, CEO of Adv Media, a Digital Marketing and Web Designing Company.


How did you get your idea for the business?


I started Adv Media ( with a vision to revolutionize the functioning of mobile apps, websites, lead generations, and brands.


And as I said, my interest has been in the sales and marketing industry, and I always wanted to be a part of this industry. I could have also gone for offline marketing, but I was aware that the digital market would boom. After exploring few options, I realized that digital marketing is what I want to do. So I started a digital marketing agency, but it failed miserably. But I didn't give up and tried to learn from my mistake and took a 9-5 job at a digital marketing agency. After gathering few years of experience in the digital industry, I left to build ADVMEDIA.


But I was also aware that Digital marketing wasn't as established as it is right now, especially in India.


People were not very aware of it, and for most, it was just a gamble. However, I knew that it would help businesses grow and eventually catch the public's attention. And that's what happened. 


Back in 2018, when my team and I started conceptualizing brands by helping them making their website and getting them online presence through digital marketing, I seriously didn't know that it would grow so much.


What services do you offer?

We have tried to make ourselves a complete 360-degree solution for all businesses dealing with digital marketing problems. Thus we provide all services included in the digital marketing niche.


Our services include website development, content marketing, SEO, PPC, Email marketing, Social media marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and more. We have tried to take care of every client's whole sales funnel and consumer journey so that my team and I can solve every marketing problem.


Not only this, we have turned ourselves into an advertising hub and are continuously working on expanding our empire.


What is the USP of your business?


The USP of every business is consumer satisfaction. Apart from this, we provide digital marketing services and consult and guide our customers through this digital world.


We have built such credibility and trust with our customers that they don't go anywhere else. Keeping our customers as our priority has always helped us be wonderful and highly effective at what we do.


One of the philosophies with which we do this is to think about our customers and the customer's customers! In the digital marketing industry, our clients are hiring us to win their customers. We are consumer-centric agency that works very hard and very smart to earn consumer's satisfaction and increase their ROI. 


What made you choose this type of business?

The dot-com era started in the 1990s. This time a lot of internet-based companies had started. Somewhere I knew that in the future, this business would soar the heights of the sky. Soon every business will be on the internet. At that time, the most in-demand service would be marketing, as not everyone understood the internet world in depth. This farsighted view was the reason I decided to start my digital agency. And when I failed for the first time, I could have changed my field and gone for something else, but I chose to stick to this and tried to gather more knowledge about this industry. When the covid pandemic happened, I was worried about the business. But it fastened even more, and that proves I wasn't wrong. 


What was your mission at the outset?

My mission was to serve small and medium enterprises with the best quality digital marketing services when I started. In addition, I wanted to make an impact in the digital industry. Though I failed in the beginning, I kept my hard work and persistence constant. My team played a very important role in achieving the goal.


ADVMEDIA is one of the most successful digital marketing agencies in India who have generated more than 40000 leads globally and has built 100 + websites For clients in India, the USA, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more. 


What Are the Goals of ADVMEDIA?


The goal of ADVMEDIA is to become a complete 360-degree digital marketing agency for all types of small and mediocre businesses. We strive for our customers' satisfaction to retain them.

Apart from this, we aim to make ADVMEDIA India's trusted agency for all business types.


How do you build a successful customer base?


There are many things that you have to take care of. But the most important is your service. Can you exceed their expectations? Fulfilling your customer's expectations is the key to build a successful customer base. And ADVMEDIA has always tried to give its customers more than their expectations. And we have done that to too many extents. But here, we try to avoid the mistake of taking our customers for granted. Instead, ADVMEDIA tries to attend to the queries of its customer and peacefully resolve them.


What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?


Running a business is like riding a rollercoaster, with lots of ups and downs. And it is wrong to call these failures because this is life. You fall, you learn, you get up, and then you grow. The failure of my first agency taught me many things; hence I decided to take a job to bridge the business gap. So I feel that failures are the first step towards success. Without my first failure, ADVMEDIA wouldn't have been born. 


Who has been your greatest inspiration?


In my life, there have been many people who had inspired me at times when I was low and lost. Although, of course, those big people inspired me through books and their interviews. But they were digital, one man who always stood by my side was my father, and thus he is the biggest inspiration for me. I have learned one thing from him: not to give up and run but to die trying. 


If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting, what would it be?

Have a dream, a big dream, and give your best to achieve it. But remember one thing: this world is full of crabs who will try to pull you down. People with mediocre dreams will try to break you, shake you off of your goal but, Be like an unshakable mountain; stay focused and keep learning. 


What kinds of brands/industries have you handled?

It will be wrong to ask what industries I have handled. I alone could never have handled these industries. It was and is my team that ADV Media manages a wide array of clients. No business can become big without a wonderful team. 


We, as a team, have worked with many brands from very different industries. We have handled healthcare, education, interior, real estate, technology, and b2b industries. We have handled a lot, and I am proud of my team for always giving satisfactory results to all the customers. Our customer-centric approach has satisfied our clients and has given profitable ROI.


Now at the end of this interview, I am sure you are filled with fire to do something that seems impossible to others. Think big and not let this fire be put off from little rains of self-doubt, failures, and depression. So if you are motivated to start a business as Mukesh did, why don't you give it a chance to talk to him personally. Talk to him and get your digital requirements fulfilled from ADVMEDIA. Get Mukesh's personal experience and knowledge applied to your business! India's trusted agency for all business types.


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