Started with Casual Friendly Mentoring, this NITK students Alumni Duo start-up wants to be an alternate EdTech-platform for Civil Engineers.

Online based start-up CIVILTECH offers courses for exclusive Civil engineers that are fun and visual with Industrial Experts from basic application to Recent Advanced Industrial tools to make them Industry Ready.

Started with Casual Friendly Mentoring, this NITK students Alumni Duo start-up wants to be an alternate EdTech-platform for Civil Engineers.

The Civil engineering sector has been through a phase of being a popular career choice to that of a saturated market. The problem is further exacerbated by a fact that 7 of 10 Civil Engineers lack exposure to the Advanced Industrial Tools & Skills.

Two Civil Engineers and friends – Karthik K and Sainath V and–after their studies from NITK started as working Professionals in Civil Engineering Sector for some of the renowned MNC’S.

Shift from Casual Mentoring to Paid Training programmes.

While they had casually started mentoring the juniors and other B.Tech and M.Tech Students, they noticed that students are lacking skills especially about the advanced software skills required for a Civil Engineer. These skills can be easily trained with proper learning system with great affordability and the best ones to train are the Industrial People.

The two finally set up EDTECH platform CIVILETECH in 2021 March, with them being the initial Trainers, later they have boarded other Friends and other Industry Professionals to enhance the Platform. Today, it is an online training course that caters to exclusive Civil Engineering Graduates and Post Graduate students.

We Started on March 2021 and now within 9 months we have around 15 Civil Engineering Courses exclusively to transportation, structures, remote sensing, water resource & other specializations.

What does this Civiltech Platform do?

We CIVILTECH started & validated a Platform that acts as an aggregator to Working Employees and graduates. It's a simple Online Organized Platform where Graduates pay & learn with affordability and great approachability whereas Real-time working employees train & earn an extra income in their free time.

Based on Learn Practice and Build Model

We believe in our Core System that execution actually gives the knowledge but not simple watching the trainer execute. So, we enabled Certifications based on the execution of the sample Projects. Yes, we started doing that we are in a plan to make every student should necessarily submit his sample project to get Certifications.

Our Model includes not only just casual training, but mentoring in the tool and in building up the sample projects through support sessions in what’sapp and Zoom calls.

Web Version and App Version

CIVILTECH is currently running through Website and already in works of embedding that in app. The app is soon going to launch by Jan 2022.

Courses Reach & Vision

Within these 8 months of time CIVILTECH had trained more than 3200 students from all across the India collaborating with more than 10+ Industry Experts. The Students also includes Civil Engineering Post Graduate students from ITALY, GERMANY and UK, but most of them post graduates form NIT’S & IIT’S all over the India.

We had planned more steady and quality growth at the initial times with higher rate of retention. Now we are in a short term mission in widening our reach little aggressively and then developing corporate partnerships to understand future talent requirements for Civil Engineers.

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