Multi Nutrition & Oil Absorb Dinnerware

Assal Patram develops products keeping in mind the current lifestyle choices of people. The two aspects that make their product standout are- 1. Fulfilling the need for micronutrients that our food lacks. With the increasing popularity of fast food and junk food, Assal Patram pledges to provide us with at least the minimum requirement of micronutrients that a healthy body requires. 2. Oil absorption is yet another benefit of their product. If the food contains excess oil, then the plate absorbs the excess oil from the food making it healthier for consumption.

Multi Nutrition & Oil Absorb Dinnerware

The products come with a special loofah to clean them. Normal sponges and scrubs can damage the pores present in the plate that are responsible for producing micronutrients for the food and absorbing the oil.

The Backdrop Of Assal Patram

Assal Patram’s tale began in a village, where a prominent Vaidyaraj lived (a traditional practitioner of Ayurveda). When any of the villagers in the area became ill, they would rush to his house for treatment. The Vaidyaraj used to cure them with various ayurvedic medicines. He used to give them a plate to use for two to three weeks in some scenarios of special digestive issues. Vaidyaraj used to make this plate out of the earth. This was a traditional cure at the time for any stomach problems, but with time, it became outmoded and ultimately antiquated.

Because pure soil was readily accessible at the time, this approach was widely used. Because of many contaminants, the soil has been polluted, and it is now impossible to locate clean soil. Before utilizing soil, it is now necessary to test its quality in a laboratry.

The Birth of the Venture

Motivated by Vaidyaraj’s remedy and began their research and investigation procedure. With proper research method, it was discovered that eating meals on this plate daily not only helps with stomach problems, but also has various other benefits, such as absorbing oil from food, containing multiple nutrients important for our body’s growth, and many more.

They evaluated the soil in the NABL Laboratory and verified its purity. They created these high-quality products that will be both useful and beneficial to your health. If you have high health objectives and are concerned about your health, we strongly suggest this product.

The Development of the Product

The most crucial task in developing Assal Patram was combining soil science and chemical components in a specific structure and shape. Every new step should have been tested in the NABL Laboratory. If the results were unsatisfactory, there was more study and development of a  new and distinct composition, after which they waited for the results.

This procedure was repeated multiple times. The demonstrations were carried out even for the existence and amount of nutrients in Assal Patram. After receiving positive findings, they had it tested again by another NABL Laboratory to confirm that there were no inconsistencies in the results. The ambient temperature and humidity in the environment were given careful consideration in these trials. Finally, the product has been developed for your convenience.

Production Process

Each product is produced on-demand. There is a long process to produce the product to extract the maximum gains from it. The mixture of soil and clay has to be proportionate and adequate with the micronutrients like zinc, magnesium, iron, and so on.

There are three products produced by Assal Patram- a small plate, a large plate, and a bowl. These are shaped by hand and then baked to perfection. It has to be baked till the specified times otherwise, it would lose its medicinal value and oil retention would decrease.

Goal and Aspirations Of Assal Patram

heir goal is to assist every person on the planet. They are committed to assisting you in keeping your everyday health regimen. The primary goal is to guarantee that every individual on our planet remains healthy and leads a happy life devoid of health concerns. They work with Moral Ideology, which has been long established by the Vedas, to assure this and to better serve you.

The modern lifestyle has fostered an unhealthy habit that has harmed the physical factors of more than 80% of the world’s population. This unhealthy way of living leads to serious life-long ailments. By including Asaal Patram into your daily routine, you will be taking a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

Without authentic research, nothing indisputable can be created. To prove authenticity in any way. Research must be performed multiple times. Similarly, throughout the establishment of Assal Patram, various studies were conducted before making it accessible for use.

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