Make More Money With Your Second Pocket App

2nd Pocket ( was founded in 2022 and is an industry-leading Fintech company that helps online shoppers and credit card members maximise their rewards and generate a second income with no effort. It seeks to alleviate shoppers' worries and enable them to take advantage of alluring sales possibilities.

Make More Money With Your Second Pocket App

We come into the picture when you want to buy something online at a discount but are unable to since you don't have a discount credit card or debit card. Users who are interested in acquiring the things that you are looking for will be notified through "What to Buy" when they become available. They make purchases on your behalf, and in return, they collect points that may be redeemed for anything from cash to further supplies of the things you require. This is going to be beneficial, isn't it? I was wondering if you could think of any other online shopping platforms that have been more successful than this one.

The purpose of 2nd Pocket is to assist people in saving money and making money while they are shopping in a relaxed and stress-free environment. If you are worried about your safety while shopping online, you shouldn't be because we take security very seriously and only employ the most cutting-edge safety precautions to keep your money and personal information safe.

Come & shop with us freely!

It is time to make your Credit Card a "Credit Card"!

I am a Shopper : Get the best discount offer on your favourite E-commerce platform

Are you a Shopper/ Buyer?

  • Here are the reasons why 2nd Pocket is ideal for you!
  • Just request product of amazon, flipkart, myntra or any leading online shopping site on 2nd Pocket to get the discount and you will be guaranteed notified within 2 hrs to 24 hrs with the best instant discount offer.
  • 2nd Pocket creates a deal based on your specifications and shares the details with cardholder. Your order will be shipped after the appropriate cardholder has placed the order.
  • The cardholder will receive some part of the benefit as commission while you receive the order and get extra instant discount without having the card.
    •You will get update of your order at each step of your order like when ordered, shipped or out for delivery on 2ndPocket app.
  • This is as simple as it is said to be

Even if you don't own a credit card, there is nothing to worry about as 2nd Pocket helps you find products with the best price and instant credit card discount.

Get Instant Discount

We will notify you immediately of the best deals and instant discounts, something that other websites rarely do so.

100% Safe & Secure Payment

Your payment is secured with us.

Real-Time Assistance 

We have a 24/7 Live customer support team, and they will assist you on any query via live chat, phone, email, or telegram.

How does 2nd Pocket works?

Download the 2nd Pocket App from Google Playstore & start shopping! 

  1. Download the 2ndPocket App.
  2. Register or Log into your account.
  3. Receive exclusive offers with an immediate discount.
  4. Place your order and receive the product at the lowest possible price.

Got No Offers on your Shopping Card?

Don't worry! 2nd Pocket offers the best deals on the product of your choice. In a jiffy, we'll assist you in acquiring the ideal offer and shopping rewards.

Download Now

Are you a Cardholder ? Get paid by using your credit/ debit card

You can earn exciting rewards and cash prizes by placing orders for customers using the discount available on your card.

2nd Pocket enables you to add funds to your credit card and earn additional income along with your credit card rewards.

Secure Card Details

You never share your card details with us or buyer.

Wallet Savings

Your wallet will get automatically updated once the delivery is made to you

Live Support

We have a dedicated support system that will help you with your queries 24/7 via live chat, phone, email, or telegram.

How does 2nd Pocket works?

Download the 2nd Pocket App & start shopping! 

Download the 2ndPocket App

  1. Register or Log into your account.
  2. After placing an order for online buyers, you will receive points in your wallet.

Want to Make Some Extra Cash?

Downlaod and install 2nd Pocket App and use it as your source of secondary income. Utilize unwanted offers on your credit card to place an order for an online buyer and receive exciting prizes in exchange!

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