Q1. We would love to know about you, tell us something about yourself and how you got into interior designing in the first place ?

 Q2. What is "Artism" all about?

Q3. What influenced you to begin this magical journey of yours? How has "Artism's" journey been till now? Tell us more about it

Q4. How many founders are there? How much support have you received from your family?

 Q5. How many hours a day do you work on an average? What is your day to day routine?

 Q6 Where do you see "Artism" 5 years down the line?

 Q7. As an interior designer, what piece in your portfolio are you most proud of?

Q8. Who has been your inspiration all these years and kept you going even after the setbacks? Q9. How much did this pandemic affect your business? And how did you come out stronger when your business grew stagnant?

 Q10. You're an inspiration. What would you like to tell the younger generations and our readers?


1) SANJANA NAGENDRAN: When I started my journey-when I was just 17 years old. I started as a freelancer when I was in college. I am a very practical person and believe in real life experience rather than just theoretical knowledge. I also own a YouTube channel , where I educate on topics such as interiors & business knowledge. Few words to say why I choose interior, every home is a space where we get back after a hectic day , interior in your space can change your mood and feel comfort once your home. To conclude my journey it was not an easy one, but would thank my younger self who had faith and hope in me where as now I’m 23 years old with good ample of experience and have won awards such as south India women’s achiever’s award , forvever women’s achiever award & Indian women’s achiever’s award of 2020-2021.and I have been published on startup times and I’m globally recognised now on google.


 What is "Artism" all about?


 ARTISM started its journey with interiors and to tell about artism it has 5 elements which we believe in the principle of interior design







we launched as artism luxury interior we established since 2019 December to speak more about artism luxury interior as in the market we stand out due to smart technology emerging with our designs . as in we combine the modern interiors with smart lighting . lighting technology designed for energy efficiency convenience and security.This includes high efficiency fixtures and automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability, & we understand the most important element of interior design would be a functional space,colour after functionality of the space, next is style , light , texture & patterns we are one stop solution for interior in most efficient way.we do modular to carpenter finishes we mix and match all the elements and give your dream home.In just 45-60 days.


3) I started of my journey full time after my college, to begin with I always had a fire deep inside me that told me there is always space in this world where I could establish something that could build the right bridge to the consumer , and been said technology & combination of design always matters as we entered 21st century and wanted to always create something new. As a professional designer I always had this word in my mind I have an idea but how will I sell it , or the prospect would believe in this technology so built every block from scratch and got artism this far. Artism journey had its ups and downs as all entrepreneurs having the enthusiasm in learning new things, I As an individual always saw my dream to be a reality has got me this far. I’m an independent woman, always had an entrepreneurial zeal inside me since 2019


 4)Much love to my mother who believes in me and my partner pavan Kumar’ and my mentor’s Abhishek Kaul & Ralph who gave me the courage to establish an venture on my own.. they always thought me you can un-learn and re-learn things but never give up. We have team of 5-10 employees who are subject matter expert’s at their design Elements.


 5) ARTISM daily routine, we all start of our day with meditation & positive affirmations and start our day by scheduling the events and follow up with our business routine , At artism we also believe in mental health awareness where we take our breaks get some fresh air , and end our day at factory where we spend average 5 hours in our factory establishing new products to our catalog.where we end our day with offering gratitude and we end our day.


 6)ARTISM vision down the lane of 5 years - smart home that allows homeowners to control appliances, thermostat, lights,and other devices remotely using a smartphone or tablet through an internet connection. Smart home technology provides homeowners with convenience and cost saving and mainly to avoid security risk,some home automation systems that could alert the homeowners if any motion is detected the alarm would buzz to the homeowners. Pure smart home we would love to combine design and smart home..


7) RED LYNCH HERITAGE STAY- This was my first project where as I had to redo the home with complete new interior the owner was by Gemini Ganesan the Tamil actor who owned the property at Kodaikanal , An old heritage home built over a hundred years ago and is located in a sprawling compound , A beautiful stone thrown pathway from centre of the lake, a gracious English country side home . It was a beautiful spacious independent bungalow with all the valley view , I started to design the elements of nature ,brick, wood plants , water, sunlight , where as I choose earthy and modern decorating style, setting up from terrarium, wicker chairs & using sheesham wood , so started of designing by using brick as a backdrop or could say focal point ,floral patterns to the linen, and French window gave an aspect for natural lighting.TADA the home was done in the span of 3 months as we painted the walls to stitching the right curtains…


8) my great inspiration is always Priyanka Chopra her words that keeps my fire ignited always where she refers herself to phenix , some of those lines which defines an independent artist or an entrepreneur you can be anything, you fall , get up, make mistakes, learn from them,be human and be you,and those choices she has made and has shown creating the world of legacy, as she said don’t try to squeeze into a glass slipper, instead shatter the glass ceiling.


 9) COVID has impacted many lives, Mine was no different in this matter. I too came to a stagnant zone for some time. Later, I understood that it was time to fight and bring more. And within no time, my luxury collection came out. I kept my motivation high and came up with new ideas for my business even during the lockdown.


 10) don’t be afraid of solitary journeys.being responsible for your success and failure makes you stronger, women or men should be financially independent. It doesn’t matter who your father is , doesn’t matter who your partner is going to be, doesn’t matter about siblings, you need to be responsible for your finances and be financially independent..

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