Khadi India -- Opening new entrepreneurial opportunities in the traditional craft of India

'Khadi' has a historical place in the journey of India. Now it is time to modernize and capitalize our traditional craft, with new opportunities in the MSME sector. With the KVIC boosting Khadi India, it can be the next big entrepreneurship.

Khadi India -- Opening new entrepreneurial opportunities in the traditional craft of India

Khadi and Village Industries Commission's (KVIC) new chairman Shri Manoj Kumar, is all set to take forward and enhance the success of Khadi India, by establishing maximum number of small and micro units and creating entrepreneurial opportunities through various schemes of KVIC to achieve the larger goal of self-reliant India. 

With sustainable lifestyle now becoming a part of mainstream conversations, people around the world is embracing eco-friendly and ethically produced products. Sustainable fashion is adopted by various brands, and Khadi which leaves relatively less carbon footprint, is getting a modern makeover by textile brands like Peter EnglandRaymondFab India and others. Various new Indian brands like The Khadi Staple, Maati Crafts, Anita Dongre Grassroot, Nature Alley, Nicobar, Malkha, Metaphor Racha and many more have come up to make people fall in love with Khadi again. 

Not only in fashion, people are slowly welcoming wooden toys over plastic ones, being mindful about the food and choosing organic produce. From home decor to beauty products and accessories to traditional puja items, the artisanal products are gaining popularity. This opens up numerous opportunities for the indigenous businesses. 

KVIC is relentlessly working to make a mark of Khadi in the international arena. Shri Manoj Kumar said he would follow the mantra of “Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion and Khadi for Transformation", to popularize Khadi internationally. KVIC has taken it to South AfricaNew York and Russia as a part of its promotional strategies at the 63rd session of the Commission on Status of Women by the UN's Economic and Social Council. Famous designers like Ritu Kumar and Sabyasachi Mukherjee have also incorporated Khadi in their designer wears thus garnering international recognition of the textile. 

Opportunities under KVIC 

  1. Providing training to the artisans so that they are better equipped with skills and become an effective and successful human capital for the Khadi Industry that is growing in a unprecedented rate. In FY22, the Khadi sector had 43% growth at Rs. 5052 crore.
  2. Various Government Tenders are available, not only for Khadi products, but also for the machineries required to amp up the production, for services needed for upscaling and taking Brand Khadi India to new heights.
  3. To make Khadi “Global” from being a “Local” product by product diversification, modernizing the traditional craft suitable for the day and age, thus increasing the appeal and demand of Khadi in the international market and creating several export opportunities.

With KVIC's various schemes like Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP), Market Promotion Development Assistance (MPDA), Interest Subsidy Eligibility Certificate (ISEC), Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI) etc, the government is ready to boost MSME industry in this area, to facilitate credit and provide knowledge base for businesses in this area, and for the Khadi Industry is all set to soar high not only in the Indian market, but in the International market as well.

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