GogoPogo, a social commerce startup founded by IIM alumnus, launches its student engagement programs - iCEO & The Student Business Leadership Challenge

GogoPogo, a social commerce startup founded by IIM Shillong alumnus, launches student engagement programs - iCEO & The Student Business Leadership Challenge (SBLC).

GogoPogo, a social commerce startup founded by IIM alumnus, launches its student engagement programs - iCEO & The Student Business Leadership Challenge

iCEO is a live project designed to provide an experience of a “practical micro MBA”, where the participants indulge in a 3in1 engagement mode i.e. Learn - Apply - Achieve. Firstly, they learn the basics of consumer behavior, strategy, sales & marketing via a learning portal. Secondly, they apply the learnings using frameworks to their individual online storefronts loaded with merchandise products. And finally, they achieve goals and earn certificates, gadgets & stipends trackable on their earning dashboards. iCEO is highly beneficial for fresher students as it provides a parallel platform to apply the academic learnings in a structured & guided direction thereby upskilling themselves besides gaining a real business experience. This performance oriented live project fills a major gap that lies between a full time business internship & a theoretical learning zone. Participants can further unlock international assignments thereby adding a cherry on the cake to their resumes. To know more about iCEO, visit : www.gogopogo.in/iceo

SBLC is a gamified business leadership challenge for students across India in which the participants achieve milestones & earn rewards in the form of goodies & gadgets. Each participant can win  attractive prizes such as cool merchandise, Amazon echo dot, Kindle paperback etc. on achieving milestones. Currently, this is an “invite-only” program. A pro edition of SBLC is in the planning phase in which each participant can win higher value rewards such as iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple Macbook Air and cash prizes upto INR 2.5 Lakhs. To unlock participation in SBLC Pro, the candidates need to complete the basic edition of SBLC. To know more about SBLC, visit - www.gogopogo.in/sblc

Both the student engagement programs are not just about rewards but also about glory. The names of top achievers in both the programs get mentioned in leading business publications such as Business Standard etc. beside the name of their colleges. For those who want to make their college and peers proud of them, besides getting upskilled & earning goods, gadgets & cash rewards, these student engagement programs are the perfect platfoms for them.

iCEO & SBLC are the brainchild of Mr. Maharnav, the founder & CEO of GogoPogo who is an Ex-Xiaomi (Zonal Business Manager/ Senior Sales Manager). He speaks - “Just like swimming - various professional & soft skills such as negotiation, persuasion, leadership etc. cannot be learned just by attending courses or webinars but by parallely practising in a real world environment. Through iCEO & SBLC, GogoPogo aims to upskill management students, aspirants & wantrepreneurs via a practical approach rather than an ‘only theory’ approach.”

GogoPogo is a social commerce platform that enables individuals such as visual artists, social influencers, content creators, resellers, and entrepreneurs as well as entities such as small businesses, startups, institutes to quickly start an ecommerce business by launching online merchandise storefronts with products from apparels, accessories and home decor categories themed to their  niche audience, without any investment or any physical inventory. 

Whenever a shopper buys any product from such storefronts, the order is shipped directly to the customers from the factory (using JIT mode),  and the concerned partner(s) earn their share of profit which can be tracked from a transparent dashboard.

All the back-end hassles of running an e-commerce business such as – stocking of products, inventory management, order management, printing, handling customer queries, packaging, shipping and logistics are being taken care of by the GogoPogo team and its associated vendors.

The startup has recently completed its private (beta) phase after 17 months  which started amidst the lockdown 1.0, during which the team conducted numerous product-market fit tests across different markets with various sets of partners, along with strengthening the supply end across multiple countries.  Founder of the startup, Mr. Maharnav Gogoi is an alumnus of IIM Shillong. GogoPogo started as a live project during his MBA days, in an attempt to apply the academic learnings in a real world scenario. The project was conceptualised, during the international immersion days at School of management - Fudan University, Shanghai as a global social commerce project.

 To know more about GogoPogo, visit: https://www.gogopogo.in/

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