Experience Bangalore Like Never Before: How Bangalore360 Is Transforming Local Exploration

Bangalore360 is an online community whose purpose is to provide Bengaluru society with specialised excellence in a variety of fields, including news, business, events, launches, and wellness. It promises to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information to its consumers, who are primarily residents of Bengaluru. The team is dedicated to showcasing the city's diverse culture, current events, news, businesses, cuisine, and attractions to both locals and visitors. They exert considerable effort to remain current on the city's most recent events and provide accurate information to their audience.

Experience Bangalore Like Never Before: How Bangalore360 Is Transforming Local Exploration
The story of their quest started in March of 2019, when they created an Instagram page and began posting captivating photos and videos of Namma Bengaluru. As the popularity of Bangalore360 increased, the page's founder, who had fallen in love with the city, recognised the need to expand the page's scope of coverage. The page was able to grow with the assistance of family members who had similar interests, and it didn't take long for the people of Bengaluru to recognise it as a credible source of information.
Over the course of its existence, it has evolved into a forum where inhabitants of Bengaluru may express themselves and feel secure. Because the page is updated in such a timely manner, even journalists may occasionally contact the administrators to inquire on their whereabouts. Followers are so supportive of the information that it comes from a public source that they self-report any changes they witness, such as road closures, fire incidents, accidents, demonstrations, or if they see someone doing illegally.
It has developed into something beyond merely an online community; it has assumed the duty. In addition to displaying the splendour of Bengaluru, this organisation is also dedicated to giving back to the community. They are quick to help individuals in need and have been responsible for the recovery of lost bicycles, vehicles, wallets, and even persons. They have also participated in animal rescue efforts and crowd fundraising, amongst other activities.
Significant progress has been made ever since it was originally initiated. Over one million two hundred thirty thousand people are following the group on Instagram, and approximately 5,300 people do so on Facebook. The community is geared on promoting the city's diverse culture, current events, news, companies, restaurants, and attractions to both residents of the city and those who are just passing through.
One of the unique selling points that it possesses is the availability of unbiased information on activities or events in the surrounding area. They offer a medium for locals to connect with one another, share information, and keep themselves informed, in addition to serving as a real-time hub from which one can get information regarding any local happenings, events, and activities.
The founder of Bangalore360 encountered a wide variety of challenges during the early stages of the company's efforts to establish a reputation and a presence on the internet. The first challenge that needed to be conquered was coming up with followers for the Instagram page. Because there were already a lot of sites and accounts dedicated to promoting Bengaluru's beauty, it was difficult to differentiate oneself from the competition and stand out from the throng.
According to the founder, who did not believe that only showcasing the beautiful aspects of the city was enough, there needed to be constant updates, as well as news and information about the location. He started focused his efforts on the social aspect of the site, which allowed users to connect with one another and share information about the area.
Another challenge that the entrepreneur had to face was keeping track of all of the many tasks that were necessary to administer the platform. In the beginning, it was difficult to keep up with all of the responsibilities that come with running the page, such as the creation of new content, maintaining interaction, and providing answers to queries posed by followers.
The business owner engaged the assistance of his cousins, who shared his interests and excitement for displaying the splendour of the city, in order to assist him in overcoming this challenge. They provided him with assistance in managing the platform and helped it expand its reach, transforming it into a primary site for obtaining news and data regarding the city.
The pandemic caused by COVID-19 brought with it a brand new set of challenges for. During the epidemic, people looked to the platform as their primary point of contact whenever they required assistance. The club began aiding persons in the recovery of lost objects such as bicycles, autos, wallets, and even individuals who were reported missing by their families. They helped with a variety of activities, including animal rescue and fundraising, among many others.
The presence online extends beyond social media platforms. There is an official website for them, and they have been referenced in publications such as Bengaluru Citizen Matters and Travel & Leisure Asia. The organisation is active on social media and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Their official website can be found at bangalore360.in.
One of the most notable online communities in Bengaluru, Bangalore360 is making a significant contribution to the city's culture. The community places a strong emphasis on assisting the neighborhood's residents, and it also makes an effort to highlight the city's beauty, culture, and diversity. The community has developed into a dependable source of news, and as a result, the followers appreciate the efforts that are made to keep them updated on the most current events that have taken place in the city.


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