Ethika - Redefining the meaning of Health Insurance

Traditional group health insurance schemes are now modified by Ethika's out-of-the-box, innovative approach to employee health benefits and wellness programs.

Ethika - Redefining the meaning of  Health Insurance

Ethika not only insures employee health; but ensures employee happiness as well.

Health insurance typically operates in a reactive way, claiming money after an incident has occurred. However, Ethika also takes a proactive approach, assisting customers in developing programs that reduce the likelihood of their incurring a loss.

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In 2016, the company founders Sandeep M, Sarath Reddy, and Susheel Agarwal noticed a void in the insurance sector. On one hand, HR has a tough time keeping up with health insurance for their staff.  Employees, on the other hand, have a difficult time claiming their insurance.

The founders felt that only human intervention was not enough to solve the problem, and they created their own technological platform - Ethika. They began by developing engagement programs for health, physical exercise, and mindfulness. Their aim was to redefine insurance as an employee benefit program.

In the next year, the founders got another idea.

Why can't we have a doctor, a psychologist, a nutritionist, or a gynecologist who can help the employees with their specific needs?

So they teamed with several companies that could provide similar doctor-on-call services and began offering them to their clients. This was a visionary step that came in handy during Covid. Their clients were now fully armed to provide virtual doctor appointments to their employees.

In today's remote and hybrid work culture, Ethika is the one-stop solution for HR to provide employees with all health benefits and insurance in one click.

Ethika's new initiative: Wellness Program 

The Wellness Program is a low-cost, high-impact program that can be adopted by any small or mid-sized business. It's a happiness program rather than a health program. Ethika took a unique and innovative approach to formulate this.

They scientifically designed this and created it in such a way that it is easy to implement and minimal in cost. Ethika first implemented this on their own employees. They began by inspiring all of their staff to consider how to create happiness at work. It's not so much about what they want as it is about why they want it. Every week, they brought specialists, to discuss a variety of lifestyle issues that will motivate the employees to examine their own lives, introspect, and seek solutions. 

This got an overwhelming response from the team. The employees felt the care and compassion of the company, and Ethika saw an increase in employee happiness and productivity. With such positive results, Ethika thought it was time to spread these secrets to as many organizations as possible.

Ethika has developed certain tools and features to help their clients, by looking at their problems in further detail and then planning a course of action. When a person is content with his or her life and job, it shows in their productivity. Even a 20%-30% boost in productivity would significantly benefit the organization.

Ethika's future ahead

Starting from 3, Ethika has grown to a like-minded community of 60. Already serving 500+ clients like Skillsoft, EnelX, Quest, Browserstack, and others, Ethika believes that their clients are their sales ambassadors. They have a service-to-sales ratio of 3 sales to 69 operational people. Even as it strives to grow to a 700+ family, it wants to take care of their client problems with innovative solutions. 

Today, Ethika is helping their clients to connect better with their employees while also protecting them from their unfortunate hospital bills. They want to continue focusing on aligning the life purpose of people with their career goals.

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