eTaxAdviser Consultancy is India's most trusted Business GST and Tax consultant.

eTaxAdviser Consultancy is India's most trusted Business GST and Tax consultant.

Earning a substantial quantity of money is insufficient. If you cannot effectively handle your funds, you will wind up in a hole. Because as your income increases, you should be informed of tax rules pertaining to the GST and income tax. Otherwise, you will confront unforeseeable obstacles.

In this manner, several tax consultants have been assisting individuals with wealth and financial management. They provide adequate information and guidance by demonstrating how to file income tax, GST, IT returns, and save on taxes.

eTaxAdvisor Consultancy is a taxation consulting firm that provides financial solutions to individuals by educating them on tax laws and helping them through the tax payment process. Founded in 2019 by Subhrangsu Sekhar Dey, eTaxAdvisor is the brand of Digihub Solutions that provides legal solutions pertaining to your business and company's startup concept, finances, tax audit, and GST audit.

Subhrangsu received his Master of Science in chemistry from Amity University. He has earned a gold medal in his university. As any family of a business entrepreneur would anticipate, he too joined the family firm as a distributor of pesticides and fertilisers. However, the Covid 19 epidemic also negatively affected their business family. They incurred losses and were ultimately forced to close the firm. Consequently, he was forced to find an alternate means of subsistence. He opted to become an insurance agent with LIC.

Subhrangsu was from the little town of Paschim Medinipur, which has a limited market and few economic prospects. In the meanwhile, the Covid 19 epidemic had severely affected the population, making it impossible for businesses to recover. And the insurance industry was no different. Consequently, Subhrangsu was unsuccessful there as well.

However, his financial situation was grave because his family's costs were mounting and they were in desperate need of money for hospital bills. In addition to loan repayments, he was increasingly burdened with EMIs. Consequently, he began studying digital marketing as well. However, he had no luck there either.

Subhrangsu obtained the Taxation franchise. However, there, ITR filing fees were very expensive. Consequently, he believed that people might not patronise his firm. This time, though, they grasped his hands. Slowly, his business began to gain momentum. His firm, eTaxadviser Consultancy, was formally established in 2019 to assist individuals in gaining understanding of taxation and ITR forms.

To thrive in the field, he received online training from CA Firm and Fintax at the same time. He employed YouTube and books to acquire Tax and legal information. Additionally, he is pursuing an LLB at Madhusudan Law University, which would be a compliment to his company.

By the end of 2022, Subhrangsu will have filed around 1,000 ITRs and established seventeen Private Limited Companies. 7 limited liability partnerships and 200 GST registrations. eTaxadviser has five locations in West Bengal, including Kolkata, Midnapur, Belda, Mohanpur, and Jankapur. His firm offers the following services:

-Company/LLP registration

-GST registration

-ITR Filling For Business

-ITR for Govt/Non Govt employees

-Tax Audit & Trademark services

-Tax consultancy and many more.

Nowadays, financial education is of paramount importance. In order to contribute to society by paying taxes and submitting an ITR, restrictions are being tightened. Subhrangsu Sekhar Dey is assisting individuals in this manner through eTaxAdviser Consultancy. Their mission is to give clients with simple and beneficial solutions. They exert much effort to give the greatest labour and services at reasonable prices. Their creations represent their identities. They deliver on their promise to save clients' hard-earned money and then double or treble it.
Digihub Solutions, the parent business of eTaxAdviser Consultancy, also provides digital marketing solutions like app construction, website building, App marketing, and more.

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