Despite All Odds, A Young Entrepreneur From Himachal Pradesh Achieves Huge Success.

Only those who work diligently and overcome obstacles will achieve success. You cannot achieve your objective if you continue to blame the obstacles you face and lack the confidence to find solutions. If you leave your comfort zone and consistently exert effort. Success embraces you.

Despite All Odds, A Young Entrepreneur From Himachal Pradesh Achieves Huge Success.

The story of Deepak Shandilya is similar to the ones described above because, like them, he faced a great deal of difficulty, which allowed him to fold and cover all that occurred in his life. But, the perseverance and effort that he put in allowed him to succeed today. Because of this, he was able to live the happiest life he had ever imagined living. His brands, Awsome Solution and Atraso, each operate as e-commerce businesses and supply the market with items for cleaning automobiles and homes.

Deepak, a young entrepreneur who is 29 years old, was born and raised in a little town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Due to the fact that he was born into a family that belonged to the middle class, he was subjected to all of the challenges and humiliations that are possible. His father had held a position in a modest private business. His family was able to provide for their basic needs, such as eating and sleeping. Unfortunately, due to health problems, his father was forced to retire from his job. This was a devastating event for his family because he was the only person that contributed financially. The circumstance deteriorated further.

After some time had passed, he eventually began supporting himself through the performance of technical labour on contract. His mother also started doing labour work as part of the government's MNREGA scheme, which is how they manage to keep the family afloat financially. Yet, this was not enough to cover the costs of Deepak's schooling or that of his sister's. They would even forego one of their daily meals in order to save enough money to pay for their schooling. They did well academically in school. They were aided by the meagre amount of scholarship money that they used to receive.

Deepak's mind was on engineering. He dreamed of having a successful career as an engineer and providing for his family via hard work. But, the state of their finances can prove to be a significant barrier. With the money that his parents had put aside, he was only able to attend college for two semesters. Hence, in order to pay for the tuition, they obtained a loan. He committed himself to his studies and ultimately earned a degree in engineering with a concentration in the field of electronics and communication. During this time, he also used to work during the summer and winter breaks at Luminous Technologies in order to make enough money to cover his housing costs for at least a few months.

After that, he was hired by a bio medical firm in Pune to work as a sales and service engineer for the organisation. In addition, he had positions in a number of other businesses. In addition to that, he attempted the Himachal Pradesh Administration Services (HAS) test as well as the Indian Administration Services (IAS) exam a few times each. Nonetheless, he was unable to succeed in the tests. But in addition to that, his financial situation was not in a very favourable state. So, he was forced to go about things in a different manner.

But, Deepak's life was shaken once more by the Covid 19 pandemic. Unfortunately, he was one of those people that lost their jobs by the year 2020. Yet, monthly EMIs were being processed in the banks. He was required to repay them by whatever means necessary. Thus he even engaged in labour jobs in his village. When an engineering graduate was required to perform manual labour on the ground, one has to wonder how dire the situation really is.

Nonetheless, the epidemic was also responsible for him changing his teaching style. He came to the conclusion that things could not continue in this manner and that action was required. So, he made the decision to launch his own business. He made the decision to launch an online retailer that would sell supplies for cleaning the house and maintaining automobiles, and enlisted the assistance of one of his other close pals to do so. Because of these several factors, a business in Punjab known as Awsome Solution and Atraso was eventually established there.

But, until July of 2021, Deepak's company did not generate any revenue because neither the people nor the nation's economy were in a healthy state at the time. Yet over time, they started sending out shipments of things. They signed up for accounts on well-known marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho. They are also a well-known brand in the world of traditional commerce.

Since they first opened their doors for business, it has been a little over two years. Compared to the same time period the previous year, the company's operating revenue experienced an increase of almost 2.2 times over this period. This is an extremely large quantity for any new business that is still in its infant stages.

Deepak is of the opinion that if you do not step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with new activities, you will never be able to achieve the goal known as success. The way that we think fundamentally needs to be altered in order to accommodate this transformation. In this day and age, the traditional religious mindset of "going behind the government jobs" is no longer valid. Instead of reaching out to others for work, the younger generation needs to focus on developing new employment prospects.

You are wasting your time if you continue to criticise the facilities and resources at your disposal. How well you put everything you have to use is entirely up to you. He recommends making that positive transformation in one's perspective and cultivating a positive attitude throughout one's life.

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