clinOXY Solutions Private Limited is India's Leading Skill Training Institute for Life Sciences Graduates.

Training or improvement of skills is crucial for securing a decent job. Employers today need a variety of abilities in addition to technical expertise, including communication skills, time management skills, and negotiation skills, among others.

clinOXY Solutions Private Limited is India's Leading Skill Training Institute for Life Sciences Graduates.

clinOXY Solutions Private Limited is an education technology firm that is recognised as India's premier skill training centre for graduates of life science programmes. Satish Kumar Vemavarapu is the company's founder and chief executive officer. In 2018, he began putting his plan to start clinOXY into action, and three years later, in September 2021, the business was officially incorporated.

clinOXY, which has its headquarters in Hyderabad, Telangana, is an organisation that has made it its mission to educate and teach first-year students so that they can attain greatness in their chosen fields. The educational establishment provides the most effective training programmes, which make it possible for graduates and postgraduates to enter the workforce with the highest possible level of job knowledge and skills. These programmes also direct students toward the achievement of worthwhile professional goals and a satisfactory return on investment.

According to the company's founder, Satish Vemavarapu, he established the business with the intention of assisting all students in their efforts to find employment. He has over 10 years of expertise in clinical research, regulatory affairs, medical writing, and pharmacovigilance, as well as a master's degree in pharmacy from an accredited university. Because Satish feels that he can effectively assist society with his skills in a variety of fields of clinical research and because he is a member of The Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), he spends his time and effort to clinOXY.

ClinOXY is one of the leading educational technology companies in India, and it is one of the companies that helps students become the best employees possible by providing the necessary skill training. If you want to land the job you want, you need to consistently work on learning skills that go beyond the curriculum. clinOXY is committed to offering training that is more focused on practical application rather than theoretical education and incorporates all six of its training modules into a single curriculum to help students make the most efficient use of their time.

The institute has developed an excellent reputation in the market, receiving praise that is positive on a scale of one hundred percent from its student body. It serves as an expert strategic developer and global partner in commercialization for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. Clinical research, pharmacovigilance, clinical data management, regulatory affairs, medical writing, and medical devices are the primary subjects covered in the available classes. clinOXY also provides training in areas like as medical coding, artificial intelligence, health informatics, and data analytics in addition to the aforementioned services.

clinOXY is also certified by the Indian Pharmaceutical Association (IPA), an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Clinical Research Organization, an MSME Certified Company from the Government of India, and a Startup India Recognized Company from the Government of India. In addition, clinOXY is recognised by the Government of India as a Startup India Company. In addition to this, it has a proven track record of successfully placing eighty percent of its students in prominent MNCs both in India and internationally. The organisation has a team of more than 20 experienced professionals that are linked with it as trainers, and each quarter more than 50 pupils are put in appropriate jobs.

In the areas of development strategy, regulatory submissions, clinical research, consumer health care, and medical and scientific support, clinOXY's experienced people, well-established programmes, and processes add a new dimension. To this day, clinOXY has supported and funded the education of underprivileged students as well as girl child education by way of its participation in more than one hundred career guidance sessions held both online and offline at colleges and universities. Additionally, clinOXY is involved in various social activities such as food donation camps, orphanages, and retirement homes. The institute is dedicated to the process of planning the future as well as being an organisation that is culturally accepting, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable.

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