Here is how Manazir Abbas promotes businesses in their digital transformation efforts | Infobahn Consultancy

Manazir Abbas is in the front of this transformation. As a famous master of marketing tactics, he has been advising businesses to take strategic steps toward online transformation by utilising his considerable expertise and experience in branding and digital marketing.

Here is how Manazir Abbas promotes businesses in their digital transformation efforts | Infobahn Consultancy

Welcome to the future of online businesses in the UAE.

This may sound like a big claim, but it's the truth: our business practises encourage growth and development. With Manazir Abbas leading the way, we are seeing an increasing number of businesses abandon their physical locations in favour of online ones. He is well recognised as a marketing guru, and in recent years he has been advising businesses by drawing on his extensive expertise in branding and digital marketing to guide them through a period of transformative online expansion.

For the past 15 years, he has guided Infobahn Consultancy to become an industry leader in the UAE by developing its expertise in website design, online sales, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. Through its digital marketing solutions and consulting services, the company has helped over 6,000 businesses achieve amazing success.

Let's spend some time getting to know Manazir:

Give some background on the Infobahn Consultancy, detailing its development and your role in it.

When I first conceived of Infobahn Consultancy, I had the goal of bridging the divide that exists between traditional brick-and-mortar businesses and their online counterparts. The firm was initially conceived as a technological solutions notion with the intention of assisting in the resolution of challenges that were hampering the performance of both industries. Since then, my team and I have expanded by leaps and bounds as a result of our commitment to leverage our unique abilities and experience to deliver solutions for the challenges that we were witnessing in a variety of different industries.

I have a strong conviction that it is necessary to bridge the gaps between different industries in order for us to be able to offer solutions to all different kinds of businesses, irrespective of their size or location. Because we take this method, we have the ability to comprehend the one-of-a-kind difficulties that are specific to each sector.

What are your long-term objectives, and how will you achieve them at work?

Future objectives include establishing a company within a firm. A location where all of our deserving team members can flourish and find their position in the organisation. A location where diverse fields and expertise exist, but all within the same topic.

I will achieve these objectives by meticulous planning and implementation. I want to ensure that everyone understands what they are doing, how they fit into the greater picture, and how we can help each other reach our personal and professional goals.

We strive to be different in terms of our areas of expertise and industry, yet unified in terms of our objective. I want us to be one of the most prominent internet marketing firms in the UAE, assisting businesses from all over the world in achieving their objectives.

What is your organization's or group's biggest strength?

A group consisting of marketers, developers, and creatives, whose most notable ability is their capacity for attentive listening. We pay attention to the concerns of our customers, as well as the objectives they wish to accomplish. We listen to our customers more than we talk to them because we think the most effective marketing solutions are the ones that are customised to the specific requirements and preferences of each individual customer. We don't want to miss anything, and we want to make sure that every customer feels heard, understood, and fully supported throughout their journey with us as their partner in digital marketing innovation and creativity. We don't want to leave any stone unturned.

We are aware that as your company expands, so will the size of your audience. Before we begin building any campaigns or strategies for you, we take the time to get to know you and your business. This allows us to ensure that everything we create is going to be ideal for BOTH YOU AND YOUR AUDIENCE.

What are the steps that you took to reach to this point in your life?

Because of my interest in technology and internet marketing, I've become captivated by many kinds of procedures and systems. It dawned on me that if the appropriate structures were in place, people would, of their own volition, produce excellent results. When I originally founded Infobahn Consultancy, the first thing I did was look for staff who were both talented and passionate about the company's objective, which is to ensure the success of our clients through the use of digital marketing. It is not sufficient to simply have a fantastic idea; you need individuals who are capable of carrying it out well. Since the very beginning, all of our efforts have been concentrated there, and to this day, it is still the primary source of our motivation. We don't simply hire talented individuals; we also make sure they feel like a part of the organisation, and we provide them with all of the tools and support they require to be successful in their roles.

What inspired you to launch your business in the first place?

My never-ending and unrelenting pursuit to become an expert in digital marketing and keep up with the most recent advancements in technology was one of the primary motivating factors that led to the launch of my own business. I wanted to be able to constantly learn new things and keep my finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and trends, and then I wanted to be able to integrate those things in a way that would benefit our customers and help them develop their businesses. Eventually, I hoped to be able to do this.

From artificial intelligence to the web to electronic commerce, digital marketing is always evolving. Adapting your business practises to take advantage of these shifts can result in significant benefits. I have no fear of doing new things or gaining new knowledge since I know that's what will keep me going.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in pursuing your goals?

In my pursuit of my goals, I have found that keeping up with the ever-evolving nature of the technology available online to be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome. When I initially started working as a software engineer, for instance, machine learning was only beginning to gain popularity; but, since then, it has evolved into a typical component of the majority of projects. Keeping up with software updates and changes in the algorithms used by platforms such as Facebook and Google has been an additional significant difficulty. It is not always easy to keep up with all that is going on in this area because there is so much going on.

Working with startups, which presents us with the challenge of resolving new challenges on a daily basis, enables us to provisionally adapt to these shifts so that we can go forward. When trying to construct websites and identities for brands from scratch, there are numerous problems that arise; yet, the most satisfying element of this profession is seeing what we can produce when we put our heads together.

What one phrase best captures who you are and how you see the world, in your opinion?



What is it about Mondays that you enjoy the most?

My favourite day of the week is Monday because it gives me the opportunity to begin a new week with a clean slate and the drive and motivation to get through it. This allows me to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend. Due to the fact that I am a workaholic, I am looking forward to them. Because I enjoy what I do, going to work never feels like a chore to me. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have found something that not only thrills me but also challenges me on a daily basis.

What do you do during the week to ensure that you remain focused and motivated?

One of my groups is called a mastermind. It is a gathering of proprietors of companies operating in a variety of sectors who join together to talk about the challenges they face and the objectives they must achieve. The group gives us a secure environment in which to discuss the challenges we face and the victories we achieve, as well as to obtain feedback on how well we are doing. It not only helps me stay focused and on track with my own goals, but it also reminds me when it's time to check in with the goals that my firm has set in the past.

Tell me about the most original thing you ever worked on and how it stood out from the others.

There were a number of groundbreaking endeavours on which we collaborated. For example, we increased a major FMCG firm's SEO position by almost 30% in just four weeks. This project was difficult because they had less time to carry it out, therefore we had to think of a creative way to boost their profile rapidly.

To accomplish this, we employed several of our own secret weapons in the form of tools and methods, which ultimately led to the client's full confidence in us. More than that, I have faith in our team's ability to successfully complete this difficult assignment.

In what ways have your core values served you well as an entrepreneur? When did you last show initiative?

Hard work and honesty will get you further than anything else on the path to entrepreneurship. Moreover, as my work progressed, I realised that educating others on what they should avoid doing is just as important as teaching them the right thing to do. You can keep from repeating the same blunders you've already made if you have a good idea of what not to do.

Throughout my life and profession, I have had many opportunities to show my leadership abilities. Leading my Infobahn crew is a major contribution. Maintain a high level of service to our ever-expanding clientele by juggling multiple tasks at once. If we want to bring in new customers and give them the outcomes they're hoping for from their campaigns, we need to be ready to handle every detail of their projects from the very beginning till the very end.

Defend the superiority of your business's offerings by detailing the ways in which they compare to the competition. I'm interested in hearing about the cutting-edge products and services you plan to provide in the near future.

We have been in business for the better part of a decade and a half, during which time we have assisted more than 6000 clients. We are aware of the disconnect that exists between the business needs and their presence online. In order to fulfil our obligations, we stay current on both temporal and technological developments. Each customer has a designated account manager who will work closely with them to make certain that all of their needs are met and that there is a complete comprehension of what they require. Because of this, we are able to provide our customers with high-quality content and marketing that is tailored to their specific needs. The fact that we genuinely care about our customers sets us apart from competing organisations. The completion of the project is not our only objective; we also want to go above and above for them.

At Infobahn Consultancy, we are continuously searching for fresh and original approaches to enhance the quality of the services we provide. We have been keeping up with the recent paradigm change that the market is undergoing, and as a result, our company is putting a greater emphasis on blockchain technology, cryptomarketing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These are the new service options that you should anticipate receiving from us in the future.

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