Abdullah Ansari: Re-inventing the Businesses of Photographers in India

If you pay close attention and observe, you will find that there has been an exponential rise in the demand for photography and video services in the last few years. The primary factor in this rise is the high engagement on social media platforms and growing online businesses.

Abdullah Ansari: Re-inventing the Businesses of Photographers in India

Don’t we all like to capture those special moments of our lives? Whether it is a wedding or the birth of your children, we all want it to be beautifully captured, so we can go through those pictures and refresh our memory lanes in the years to come.

We all want the best photographers for the same. But have you noticed that the photographers are trained in only the technical aspects such as shooting, lighting, production, sound, and color effects but are completely unaware of the main aspect which is Starting-up, Branding, Marketing, and Expansion of their Photography Businesses?

The Business part of Photographers is another element in their Photography Business that they do not understand much. Photographers in India know how to shoot amazingly jaw-dropping pictures but when it comes to marketing their work and their business, they fall apart on that skill.

This is when Abdullah comes into the picture. He is on the path of revolutionizing the Indian Photography Business Industry by bringing a much-awaited revolution in the Photography Industry.

Abdullah is an IIM alumnus turned Wedding Photographer and now a Photography Business Coach. He has been coaching and mentoring photographers through his initiative called Wedding Photography Business Mastery or WPB Mastery. He has been educating the photographers about the Starting-up, Marketing, Branding, and Expansion of Wedding Photography Businesses.

His programs are specifically designed to keep in mind how to educate and empower photographers to grow their photography businesses.

He was always interested in observing the business models of various start-ups and their patterns of functioning. This is when it strikes him one day that photography as a profession is always looked down upon in society. 

Children are not encouraged by their parents to pursue the Photography Profession because of the conservative mindset that there is no scope in this field and it is not a good money-making job. 

After working in his Wedding Photography Business which he operates from Delhi by the Brand name “Grey White Studios” and understanding it deeply for more than 4 years, in April 2020 he started as a Photography Business Coach.

He realized that it was so necessary to teach Business & Marketing skills to the photographers, and this, in turn, will make an impact on their businesses.

 His Programs, Workshops, and Courses are specifically designed for photographers to help them grow their photography businesses. He has developed a complete dedicated system in a Recorded and LIVE Coaching format.

Right now, Abdullah is training and coaching more than 500 Photographers in the entire nation to Start, Grow and Expand their Photography Businesses.

The Wedding Photography Business Mastery Program designed by Abdullah after 8 months of rigorous research is a very dynamic and modern-day program.

All the sessions are conducted on Zoom, and they have a highly impactful dedicated paid course that covers the following topics:

  1. How to Get High-Budget Wedding Clients through Laser-Targeting Marketing Strategies using the Power of Advanced Social Media Marketing?
  2. How to do highly effective follow-ups for maximum conversions of your Photography Clients?
  3. How to Build-Up a Powerful Follow-Up System using 3 Secret Follow-Up Formula in the Photography Business
  4. How to conduct successful meetings with clients and present your portfolio and your company to your clients?
  5. How to convert your potential clients to long-term clients (Negotiation Secrets, Deal Finalization Secrets, etc.)
  6. How to Brand your Wedding Photography Business to Achieve maximum conversions?
  7. How to achieve a turnover of a minimum of Rs 1 crore /year in your Wedding Photography Business?
  8. And a lot of other practical & super-impactful marketing strategies that you will not find anywhere on the Internet.

Abdullah and his team have a hybrid model of coaching the photographers. Some part of the modules are uploaded online in a pre-recorded format, and some part of the curriculum is taken LIVE every week on a zoom webinar format.

Abdullah has educated more than 5000 photographers through his Online Workshop, and more than 500 Photographers have joined the paid community in just 6 months.

The results have been phenomenal because nobody has been touching this dimension of the photography industry which is conducting the Photography Business effectively.

Now the photographers do not have to depend on any digital marketing agency to pay high fees for the leads, nor do they have to buy any leads packages from any company. They learn to generate super-high quality leads by themselves without being dependent on any online marketing company.

This initiative by Abdullah has transformed the businesses of the photographers in the Photographers industry and yet there is a lot to achieve

Giant Photography Companies in the Nation have been hiring him for personal consultation and restructuring of their Photography Businesses as well

It is helping the photographers immensely to be self-sufficient and generate their income with beneficial marketing strategies.

Abdullah has indeed taken significant steps in amending this profession in the right direction.

For Contact:-

Website:- http://wpbmastery.in/

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